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BA-1000 Ion Distribution System - BSE Industrial Air Purifier

BA-1000 Ion Distribution System - BSE Industrial Air Purifier


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The BA-1000 Ion Distribution System is changing the game in Air Purification Technology. These systems offer a 24/7, proactive approach. The BA-1000 ionizer is UL-2998 certified for zero ozone emissions and UL-867 certified.

These units are designed for room installation to proactively attack airborne pathogens directly at the breathing zones. BSE’s Ion Distribution System works independently or in conjunction with the HVAC system.

BSE units are manufactured in to feature a “Plug and Play” industrial grade construction. The advanced aeroacoustic discharge ports coupled with our proprietary ionization technology, optimize the ion plume discharge, and elongates the ion's life span to correspond geometrically to the room’s breathing zones. The result is a continuous discharge of millions of ions saturating the room breathing zones and mitigating the airborne pathogens.

Includes 6-speed Bluetooth Wireless remote!

Important Information:

Competitor’s ion output ratings generated directly at the needlepoint brushes can be deceiving as is shown by our testing and published numbers. Ionization units not installed directly in the breathing zones are not conducive for maximizing ion output at all the breathing zones. See the Total Ion Output table for ion output directly to the breathing zones.

Please evaluate the HVAC air distribution system (duct, insulation, vav terminals, dampers turning vanes) and account for the coanda effect of air distribution diffusers. These variables could result in little to no ions being discharged to the breathing zones.

BSE’s Ion Distribution products are rated and tested for ion output from 2 feet to 25 feet away from the needlepoint brushes at the breathing zones for real world performance. Please make sure when specifying Bipolar Ionization that the ion’s per cc/sec are commensurate to the distance required at the breathing zones to mitigate airborne viruses.


    • NeedlePoint Bipolar Ionizer, Effective for Air and Surface Disinfection
    • Brushless, High Efficiency, Blower 
    • Variable Speed for Perfect Adjustment
    • Motors are Ball Bearing Supported for Longer Service Life


    • Pathogens Killed (Bacteria, Viruses, Mold), Helps to Control Allergens/ Asthma, Prevent Sick Building Syndrome
    • Particle Reduction and Smoke Control
    • Odors Neutralized by destroying VOCs
    • Energy Savings of 30% by Reducing Outdoor Air Intake by up to 75%.
    • Filterless Commercial Ceiling Mount Air Sanitizer Air Purifier
    • Up to 2650 Square Foot Coverage Per Unit!
    • Strong NeedlePoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI®) Sanitizes Air and Surfaces
    • Low Noise l-- Won’t Interrupt Clinician-Patient or Other Human Interaction
    • Maintenance-Free--No Filters to Replace


Model BA-1000

Unit Dimensions

10" Diameter (254) /Length 16.10(409) inches (mm)

Material Casing


Cord Length

6.5 Feet


6-pole Brushless EC with Auto-Restart Lock Protection and Soft Start

Airflow Capacity

1065 CFM

Static Pressure

2.09 in H2O (520 Pa)

Max Speed

3,200 RPM

Sound Output*

45-65 dB

Speed Controller

PWM, 0-10V, 6 Speed Wireless Remote

Fan Bearings

Dual Ball NMB

L10 Life Expectancy

70,000 Hours


13.6 lbs.

 Maximum Operating Temperature


Electrical: Voltage Input

110-120V AC

Power Consumption



50/60 Hz




UL 2998, UL 867 ETL Listed, fan conforms to UL Standard 507, Fan Blade UL 94 V-0

How does Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization work?

The NPBI®  technology works to safely clean the air inside your building. The technology uses an electroniccharge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and – ions that replicate those commonly found in nature.  As these ions travel with the air stream, they attach to particles, pathogens and gases/odors. As the ions attach to airborne particles (including fine, sub-micron particles) they are then attracted to each other, making the particulate more easily filterable and increasing capture efficiency.  Ions also deactivate pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen.

Where can BSE Needlepoint Ionization units be used?

To put it simply, our units are effective in anywhere people are sharing the same air.  Due to this, there really is no limit to the applications our units can be used in.  This includes: Bars, Restaurants, Breweries, Retail Settings, Gyms, Physical & Massage Therapy, Dental & Medical Offices, Lobbies, Fire Stations, Conference Rooms, Apartment/Residential Spaces, Co-Working Settings, Classrooms/School Offices, Open Office Settings, Cannabis Grow Farms & much, much more. 

A Leader In The Industry

Our units are designed and engineered to distribute ionization to the breathing space where pathogens are most dangerous.  Our units are all:

    • Made in the USA
    • Either in stock, or have a short 1-3 week lead time
    • Feature a minimum 1-year warranty
    • Third party tested technology which shows effective results in practical settings



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