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Sauna-Loving Couples: Ranking The Best 2-Person Outdoor Saunas

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the benefits of a sauna with your partner - every single day? Let's make that dream a reality!

Spending time in the sauna can improve circulation, help someone relax, and relieve stress for any couple. We know how important it is for you to find the perfect 2-person sauna for you and your partner which is why Airpuria has made a list of the top 2-person saunas we offer (all with free shipping).

This blog will compare each one so you can choose the best one for you and your partner. Relax and prepare to explore outdoor two-person saunas.

Top 2-Person Outdoor Saunas for Couples

One of the best 2-Person Outdoor Saunas for Couples.

For couples, 2-person outdoor saunas provide a unique and relaxing experience for two people to enjoy. There are multiple types of outdoor saunas available, ranging from electric saunas to infrared saunas, each offering its own range of benefits. One of the most popular options is the traditional outdoor sauna that has been used for centuries.

The Sunray Eagle 2-Person Outdoor Traditional Sauna is an excellent option that offers a variety of features designed to enhance your outdoor sauna experience.

Enlighten Infrared/Traditional Sauna SAPPHIRE - 2 Indoor - 2 Person Sauna

Enlighten Infrared/Traditional Sauna SAPPHIRE - 2 Indoor - 2 Person Sauna - see the measurements of the front wall and side walls by clicking the link.

The Enlighten Infrared/Traditional Sauna SAPPHIRE - 2 Indoor - 2 Person Sauna is an excellent addition to any home or business. This luxurious sauna combines the therapeutic benefits of the traditional sauna experience with the healthful advantages of infrared technology, allowing users to experience relaxation and detoxification at their own convenience. The sauna is made with real cedar and features a spacious design with elegant lighting and premium lumber benches and components, making it comfortable for two people to enjoy simultaneous relaxation sessions.

The sauna also has a sound system built into the interior for an added layer of ambiance and comfort, as well as digital touch controls for regulating temperature and time. For those looking to add an amazing 2-person sauna to their backyard, visit Airpuria today for more information on pricing and other features.

Check out more information about this amazing sauna here!

Nature 7 - Outdoor Sauna

Nature 7 - Outdoor Sauna Medical Breakthrough - (similar to barrel sauna options available on website).

The Nature 7 - Outdoor Sauna is the only sauna that is designed by doctors and made with the intention of improving blood flow, relieving headaches and migraines, healing muscles, and providing absolute pain relief. It provides a unique experience of relaxation that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. The product description promises a better night's sleep due to improved circulation and reduced soreness from aching muscles.

This outdoor sauna is sure to provide an amazing wellness experience for those looking for something special for their health needs.

Learn more about this sauna (and free shipping) here!

Medical 4 Version 2.0 - Full Spectrum Sauna

Medical 4 Version 2.0 - Full Spectrum Sauna Medical Breakthrough with optional sauna stones (better than true wave).

The Medical 4 Version 2.0 - Full Spectrum Sauna is a great way to relax and unwind, while also helping to detoxify your body and aid in overall health. This sauna was made and manufactured by doctors and other medical professionals with the goal of providing users with a safe and healthy way to release their toxins. It features infrared technology that helps penetrate deep into your muscles, allowing you to experience a full-spectrum relaxation session.

The Medical 4 Version 2.0 - Full Spectrum Sauna is sure to help you relax, and heal your body, mind, and soul and comes at an affordable price. Take the advice of the medical experts who know what's best for you and get yourself a Medical Sauna today!


Expert Advice: Maintaining Your 2-Person Outdoor Sauna

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your 2-person outdoor sauna. Here are some expert tips to keep your sauna in top shape:

  • Keep the sauna door closed when heating and cooling to maintain temperature consistency.

  • Don't run the heater for more than an hour at a time to prevent overheating.

  • Clean the heater stones with a stone brush or vacuum after use to remove debris and maintain heat efficiency.

  • Regularly check your sauna for mold and mildew, wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth as needed.

  • Replace worn parts like foam seat pads periodically to maintain comfort and functionality.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your outdoor sauna for years to come!

Comparison of 2-Person Outdoor Saunas

Comparison of 2-Person Outdoor Saunas.

The comparison of 2-person outdoor saunas can be daunting as there are many types to choose from, each offering unique benefits. Traditional saunas use heat to create steam and dry air that warms your body, while infrared saunas are designed to heat your body directly without raising the air temperature. Indoor and outdoor saunas offer different levels of convenience and durability depending on where they are installed, while full spectrum saunas incorporate both traditional and infrared technologies into one unit.

With so many choices available, it's important to consider all aspects of your desired sauna experience to ensure you make the right decision.

Infrared Saunas

An image of what infrared saunas look like on the inside.

Infrared saunas use different heat. Infrared saunas heat your body directly with invisible light waves, while traditional saunas heat air. Infrared saunas produce less heat but penetrate muscles and joints more deeply. Infrared saunas last 15-20 minutes, compared to 30 minutes for traditional saunas. Infrared saunas also have lower humidity levels. Due to their more concentrated heating, infrared saunas are thought to offer greater health benefits like detoxification, circulation, and skin health.

Full Spectrum vs. Traditional Saunas

An image of a full spectrum sauna from Airpuria.

When it comes to saunas, there is a major difference between Full Spectrum and Traditional Saunas. The main distinction between the two is the type of light used to recreate the effect of being in a natural environment. A Full Spectrum Sauna utilizes infrared light energy to simulate sun rays, whereas a Traditional Sauna utilizes dry heat from a heated air source.

The heat from an infrared sauna penetrates deeper into your skin than traditional dry heat, which is why some people prefer it for its purported health benefits. It is also important to note that Full Spectrum Saunas are designed in such a way that they can be used all year round regardless of ambient temperature, while Traditional Saunas may require more time and effort to maintain when temperatures drop during the winter months. It’s clear that each type of sauna has its own pros and cons, so the choice ultimately depends on the preferences of the individual.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Saunas

Image of a woman inside an outdoor sauna, exploring the electric heater.

When comparing indoor and outdoor saunas, it is important to consider the differences between them. Indoor saunas are typically smaller in size, making them more affordable and easier to install. Indoor saunas can use an electric heater or infrared technology while outdoor saunas use all three - wood-fired, electric or infrared! Outdoor saunas are usually larger and require more space, but they do have the advantage of offering a more authentic experience as well as the luxury of being able to enjoy nature while relaxing in the hot heat. Outdoor saunas are also typically heated by wood-fired stoves which add to their authenticity, whereas indoor saunas usually use electric heaters. Both types of saunas provide an enjoyable experience with many potential health benefits, so there is no right or wrong option; it simply depends on what type of experience you’re looking for and the amount of space you have available.

The main takeaway is that whether you choose an indoor or outdoor sauna, both offer great benefits that make it worth exploring!

Crucial Insights: Sauna Types and Benefits

  • Infrared saunas use invisible light waves to heat your body directly, providing deeper muscle and joint penetration and potential health benefits like detoxification and improved circulation.

  • Full Spectrum Saunas combine the advantages of both traditional and infrared saunas, providing an all-year-round relaxation experience.

  • Indoor saunas are typically smaller and more affordable, while outdoor saunas offer a more authentic experience and the opportunity to enjoy nature while relaxing.

  • Both indoor and outdoor saunas offer numerous health benefits, including relaxation, stress relief, and improved cardiovascular health.

Contact Airpuria To Learn More About 2-Person Outdoor Saunas!

Image of Airpuria's logo symbolizing some of the best outdoor saunas available with completely free shipping.

At Airpuria, we carry a wide selection of outdoor saunas in various sizes and designs to fit any budget and preference. Visit to learn more about our outdoor saunas and how to maintain them. Plus, all outdoor saunas come with FREE SHIPPING!

For more information on prices or if you have any questions, please call us at 773.337.8822 and our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect outdoor sauna for your home and provide you with all the necessary care instructions. Get in touch with us today to find out how an outdoor sauna can help you relax!

Financing Options for Saunas

When looking to purchase a 2-person outdoor sauna, consider providers like Airpuria that offer financing options to make your purchase more affordable. Airpuria provides financing for all customers with rates as low as 0% for up to 18 months, as well as business financing with flexible terms and competitive rates.

Here's a quick overview of financing options available through Airpuria:

  • 0% interest rates for up to 18 months for individuals

  • Special financing programs tailored to business owners' needs

For more information on financing options, visit the following links:

Sauna-Loving Couples: Ranking The Best 2-Person Outdoor Saunas! - FAQs

FAQ graphic for 2-person sauna blog.

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about 2 person saunas:

How do I choose the right 2-person sauna for me and my partner?

Image of 2 people in the sauna looking at sauna rocks.

Choosing a 2-person sauna involves many factors. Selecting a model depends on room size and space. Indoor or outdoor unit? Will the sauna be relocated? Do you want traditional or infrared? If the sauna has a heater, it may take longer to heat up. Finally, consider how many people will use the sauna at once. Knowing these factors can help you find the right 2-person sauna for you and your partner.

Can I customize my 2-person sauna to fit my needs?

Image of 2 women in the sauna enjoying the detoxing benefits.

Your two-person sauna can be personalized. The sauna's size, shape, and luxury features like seating and foot massagers are virtually limitless. Adjustable sauna temperatures make it easier to relax and enjoy the experience. Many of these saunas also offer aromatherapy to relieve stress and tension. Overall, customizing a two-person sauna at Airpuria ensures that everyone gets what they need.

Can I use a 2-person sauna with a friend?

Image of 2 friends in the sauna having a blast.

A two-person sauna is not just reserved for couples! Saunas improve circulation and relaxation and are more fun when shared with friends or family. These two-person saunas are also larger than smaller ones. A two-person sauna gives you and your partner or you and your friend plenty of room to move around and enjoy the sauna. Users can also adjust the temperature and bench height in most two-person saunas.

What are the benefits of using a 2-person sauna?

Image of an older couple enjoying their 2 person sauna experience.

A two-person sauna helps relax, de-stress, and improve health. Sauna heat relaxes tense muscles and relieves injury and exercise-related pain. A two-person sauna improves cardiovascular health, circulation, and skin health due to increased sweating. Two-person saunas allow friends and family to relax together. A two-person sauna is ideal for any home due to its many benefits.

How do I maintain my 2-person outdoor sauna?

Image of a well-maintained 2 person outdoor sauna.

Preventative maintenance and regular checks make maintaining a 2-person outdoor sauna easy. Keep the sauna door closed when heating and cooling, and don't run the heater for more than an hour. Use a stone brush or vacuum to clean heater stones after use. Check the sauna for mold and mildew every few weeks and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Replace foam seat pads and other worn parts periodically. Following these steps and maintaining the sauna will ensure years of outdoor sauna fun.

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