Servi Lift


Elevating Efficiency to New Heights

With the ability to integrate with any elevator, Servi Lift is the perfect solution for completing last-mile deliveries inside multi-story buildings such as hotels, senior living communities, ghost kitchens, hospitals, corporate campuses, and other high-rise commercial and residential real estate properties.

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The Smartest Solution For Multi-Story Delivery

Secure Service 
A self-contained design and upgraded suspension mean orders arrive safe and secure. 

Intuitive Interface 
With a thoughtfully designed touch screen, Servi Lift is easy for anyone to use.

Nimble Navigation 
Servi Lift has a LiDar sensor and multiple cameras for 100% self driving.

Contactless last-mile delivery

LCD Advertising Screen

Mult-destination delivery

Spacious, adjustable shelves

Integration with elevators, entrance gates and delivery apps

Secure, passcode protected compartments

The ELSA Convergence Platform

Developed by our partners at M2MTech, The ELSA convergence platform affords Servi Lift universal compatibility with major elevator manufacturers such as OTIS, TKE, Mitsubishi, KONE, Hyundai, and Schindler.

Servi Lift is the Perfect Delivery Solution for:

Office Buildings 

Send everything from coffee to desserts, documents or delivery app orders.


Hotels & Resorts

Enable automated room service, order app deliveries, and more.


High-Rise Residencies 

Convenience for deliveries, courier services, and food delivery apps.



Contactless solution for deliveries, meal services, and more!


Senior Living Communities 

Easily deliver food and bus dishes in multi-story communities.


Shopping Malls

Intelligent solution for internal logistics, stock inventory, and first-mile deliveries.


Ghost Kitchens

Swiftly manage internal restocking and first-mile service for food delivery apps.

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