About Us

About Airpuria

A young couple enjoying all the benefits of saunas.

Weโ€™ve always believed that the place where you spend the most time should feel like your own personal sanctuary.

After conducting years of research and helping over 400 people (and counting) find their element, we've learned that everyone is very unique.


For us, it isn't enough to just provide you with a product โ€” we want you to absolutely love what you get, make wonderful memories while you enjoy it, and share those memories with the people you care about most!

Say Hello to Our Wonderful Team

Kellen, the Founder and President of Airpuria.


Founder & ย President

Ceara, the Co-Founder and Vice President of Airpuria.


Co-Founder & Vice President

Andrew Bellio, a digital marketing strategist from Bellio Digital.

Andrew โ€” Bellio Digital

Digital Strategist

Eva, a Web Designer from Airpuria.


Web Designer

Abdullah, a Web Designer from Airpuria.


Web Designer

Ammar, a Product Representative from Airpuria.


Product Representative

Hamza, a Product Representative from Airpuria.


Product Representative

We'll talk with you to get to know your tastes and needs โ€” what you definitely want, what you definitely don't want, and whether or not you want to be friends!


Every purchase you make will be specifically tailored for you.


Your home will feel like the center of your universe, memories will be made, relaxation will be had, and friends and family will repeat "I want to come and visit" until you're almost sick of hearing it.

Our Goals

Whether you're purchasing a home sauna to help you relax after a stressful day at work, or an air purifier to make sure you, your family, and your employees are happy and healthy โ€” we're on your team.


We know how important these things are to you, which is why we're so happy to finally be offering:

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to the lower 48 United States!


We work with PayPal so you can get what you need now, and pay later!

Price Match Guarantee

We take pride in giving you the absolute best possible prices we can!

We Love Our Customers!

Amy B.

"My son was struggling day and night with allergies that just wouldn't go away.ย  I ended up talking with Ceara from Airpuria and she recommended I try one of their air purifiers. Since then it's been a complete 180. He's back to being his energetic self again, and I can finally relax. Thank you!!"
Jake W.

"My wife and I had been talking for years about getting our own sauna. I was always the one who worried about the price.ย  I am BEYOND happy that she convinced me to finally pull the trigger. I PROMISE that getting your very own sauna will completely change your life for the better!"
Sarah H.

"One of my only regrets when starting my business was leasing a space that had poor air quality. My employees and I would always get sick and it would really mess with the business. But after purchasing one of your air purifiers, it's like someone lifted the fog away. We've been more productive ever since!"