Enlighten Sauna's best outdoor saunas in a beautiful backyard setting

The Best Outdoor Saunas from Enlighten Sauna


Welcome to Airpuria, your one-stop shop for the best outdoor saunas on the market! We're excited to introduce you to the top-quality outdoor saunas from Enlighten Sauna. These premium saunas offer a luxurious and authentic experience for any homeowner looking to enhance their outdoor space.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect outdoor sauna and explore the benefits of owning one.

Why Choose an Outdoor Sauna?

Why Choose an Outdoor Sauna?

Having an outdoor sauna in your backyard provides several advantages over indoor saunas. For instance, an outdoor sauna allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature, enhancing the overall experience.

It also frees up valuable indoor space, making it a perfect option for those with limited room inside their homes.

Outdoor saunas can also be a great addition to your home, increasing its value while providing a unique and luxurious feature that will surely impress guests.

Health Benefits of Saunas

Person enjoying the health benefits of a sauna

Saunas have been used for centuries due to their numerous health benefits. The heat from the sauna helps improve blood circulation, soothe sore muscles, and release toxins from the body through sweat. Also, regular sauna sessions can help improve cardiovascular health, relieve stress, and promote relaxation.

Additionally, saunas have been linked to better sleep and improved immune function.

Types of Outdoor Saunas

Enlighten Sauna offers a variety of outdoor saunas to suit every need and preference. Their saunas come in different sizes and styles, including traditional, infrared, and hybrid saunas. Let's explore each type in more detail.

Traditional Saunas

Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas, also known as Finnish saunas, use a wood-burning or electric heater to heat sauna stones, which in turn heat the air inside the sauna.

When water is poured over the hot stones, it creates steam, raising the humidity level in the sauna. Traditional saunas are known for their high temperatures and low humidity.

Airpuria offers several amazing traditional Enlighten Sauna outdoor saunas, such as the Sapphire 5-Slope 5-Person Sauna and the Sunrise 4C Peak 4-Person Sauna. These outdoor traditional saunas provide an authentic and relaxing experience for you and your guests.

Sapphire 5-Slope 5-Person Sauna

Sapphire 5-Slope 5-Person Sauna

The Sapphire 5-Slope 5-Person Sauna is the largest hybrid sauna offered, accommodating up to five people. Part of the Sapphire series, it is constructed with privacy in mind using Canadian natural red cedar wood.

This hybrid sauna combines Harvia electric heaters and infrared lamps specifically designed for sauna use, providing the perfect balance of heating technologies for improved mood and long-term health benefits.

Scientific research continues to support the therapeutic effects of saunas, making them essential for maintaining well-being.

Built to withstand challenging weather, this robust outdoor sauna has a range of features, including:

  • Double Roof (Flat Roof + Outdoor Roof With Asphalt Shingles, Choose Peak Or Slope Design)

  • Insulation

  • Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside

  • Very Responsive Full Spectrum Heaters

  • Harvia Heater

  • Low Emf

  • Eco-Certified

  • Non-Toxic

  • Bluetooth Player With Speakers FM/USB/AUX/MP3

Sunrise 4C Peak 4-Person Sauna

Sunrise 4C Peak 4-Person Sauna

The Sunrise 4C Peak 4-Person Sauna is a corner sauna designed to accommodate up to four people. It is an excellent addition to any home that prioritizes your well-being.

The sauna features heaters from Harvia, which are efficient and quiet, and glass panels for increased visibility.

The Canadian red cedar wood construction is strong, durable, and pleasant to the touch, making this sauna both beautiful and functional.

Some of the benefits of this traditionally-heated sauna include a feeling of calm, improved sleep quality, and a range of scientifically-backed health benefits.

The traditional heating technology requires hardwiring, and the sauna comes with a range of features, including:

  • Double Roof (Flat Roof + Outdoor Roof With Asphalt Shingles, Choose Peak Or Slope Design)

  • Insulation

  • Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside

  • Very Responsive Full Spectrum Heaters

  • Harvia Heater

  • Eco-Certified

  • Non-Toxic

  • Bluetooth Player With Speakers FM/USB/AUX/MP3

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are ideal for those who prefer a gentler sauna experience or have certain health concerns that make traditional saunas less suitable.

They are energy-efficient and typically heat up faster than traditional saunas.

Another advantage of infrared saunas is that they can be used for a longer duration due to their lower temperatures.

Enlighten Sauna offers top-notch outdoor infrared saunas, such as the Rustic 4-Slope 4-Person Infrared Sauna, which features full-spectrum infrared technology and a stylish design that will enhance any outdoor space.

Rustic 4-Slope 4-Person Infrared Sauna

Rustic 4-Slope 4-Person Infrared Sauna

The Rustic 4-Slope 4-Person Infrared Sauna is a top product in the outdoor sauna family. This beautiful sauna features a spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates up to four people.

Designed to provide increased infrared power while maintaining a cozy feel, the Rustic 4 is perfect for your garden or patio.

Constructed with top-quality materials to ensure safety, comfort, and effectiveness, this sauna is housed in a weather-resistant shell for durability and outdoor elements.

It features Certified 2 Full Spectrum Heaters and 9 Carbon Heaters for effective infrared therapy without harmful effects.

The Rustic 4-Slope 4-Person Infrared Sauna includes a range of features such as:

  • Double Roof (Flat Roof + Outdoor Roof With Asphalt Shingles, Choose Peak Or Slope Design)

  • Insulation

  • Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside

  • Very Responsive Full Spectrum Heaters

  • Low Emf

  • Eco-Certified

  • Non-Toxic

  • Bluetooth Player With Speakers FM/USB/AUX/MP3

Steam Saunas: The Ultimate Backyard Sauna Experience

Steam Saunas: The Ultimate Backyard Sauna Experience

If you're a fan of steam and are looking for a backyard sauna that delivers an authentic, traditional Finnish sauna experience, steam saunas are an excellent option.

These saunas create a steamy environment that provides numerous health and relaxation benefits.

In this section, we'll explore the unique features of steam saunas and why they make a perfect addition to your backyard.

The Appeal of Steam Saunas

The Appeal of Steam Saunas

Steam saunas, often associated with traditional Finnish saunas, are known for their high temperatures and increased humidity levels. The heat and steam produced in these saunas provide a range of benefits, such as:

  • Opening up pores and promoting detoxification

  • Relaxing muscles and soothing joint pain

  • Enhancing blood circulation

  • Reducing stress and promoting relaxation

The steamy environment of a steam sauna also creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a social experience with friends and family.

Integrating a Steam Sauna into Your Backyard

To create the ultimate backyard sauna experience, consider integrating a steam sauna into your outdoor space. You can choose from various designs and styles, such as a traditional Finnish sauna or a barrel sauna, to suit your preferences and complement your home's aesthetics.

Here are some things to consider when planning your backyard steam sauna:

Location and Layout

When installing a steam sauna in your backyard, consider privacy, accessibility, and proximity to your home. Choose a location that offers a balance between seclusion and convenience, ensuring that you can fully enjoy your sauna experience while maintaining easy access.

Ventilation and Drainage

Ensure that your backyard sauna has adequate ventilation, such as vents or windows, to allow for fresh air circulation and prevent excess humidity. Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe steam sauna environment. Additionally, consider drainage options to remove any excess water from your steam sauna.

Insulation and Weather Resistance

To ensure that your steam sauna remains functional and efficient year-round, choose a sauna made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials. Proper insulation will help maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels while protecting your sauna from external elements.

Combining Steam Saunas with Other Outdoor Amenities

To further elevate your backyard sauna experience, consider combining your steam sauna with other outdoor amenities, such as:

  • An outdoor shower or cold plunge pool for a refreshing cooldown after your sauna session

  • A relaxation area with comfortable seating and a fire pit for post-sauna relaxation and socializing

  • A garden or landscaped area to create a tranquil and serene atmosphere

By thoughtfully integrating a steam sauna into your backyard, you can create a luxurious and relaxing oasis that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy year-round.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Sauna

When selecting the best outdoor sauna for your needs, consider the following factors:

Size and Capacity

Outdoor saunas come in various sizes, typically accommodating between two and six people. Consider the number of people who will be using the sauna regularly and choose a size that meets your needs. Remember that larger saunas require more energy to heat and maintain, so take your energy consumption preferences into account as well.

Type of Sauna

As mentioned earlier, you'll need to decide between a traditional or infrared sauna. Traditional saunas offer a more authentic experience with higher temperatures and steam, while infrared saunas provide a gentler, more comfortable heat. Your personal preference and health concerns will play a significant role in making this decision.

Design and Materials

The design and materials used in the construction of your outdoor sauna will affect its performance, durability, and appearance. Enlighten Sauna uses high-quality materials, such as Canadian red cedar wood, to create beautiful, long-lasting saunas. Consider the style of your outdoor space and choose a sauna design that complements your home's aesthetic.

Ease of Assembly

Many outdoor saunas, including those offered by Enlighten Sauna, come in easy-to-assemble kits. These sauna kits include everything you need to build your sauna, making the process simple and straightforward. Check the assembly instructions and ensure that you have the necessary tools and skills to complete the task.


Outdoor saunas can range in price, so it's essential to set a budget before you start shopping. Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality outdoor sauna, like those from Enlighten Sauna, can provide a better experience and longer-lasting performance than a cheaper, lower-quality option.

Accessories and Upgrades

Once you've chosen the perfect outdoor sauna, consider adding some accessories and upgrades to enhance your sauna experience. Some popular options include:

  • LED lighting for ambiance and relaxation

  • Additional seating or backrests for added comfort

  • A sound system for listening to music or guided meditation

  • Aromatic oils or herbs to create a soothing atmosphere

  • Protective covers to keep your outdoor sauna in pristine condition

The Enlighten Sauna Difference

Enlighten Sauna is a leading manufacturer of high-quality saunas, offering a range of top-of-the-line outdoor saunas to suit every need and preference. They use premium materials and craftsmanship to ensure a superior sauna experience, making them the perfect choice for any homeowner seeking the best outdoor sauna.

The Advantages of an Outdoor Infrared Sauna

Outdoor infrared saunas offer numerous benefits, making them an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners. Infrared heaters used in these saunas emit infrared light, which is absorbed directly by your body, providing a gentle and efficient heat source. Some advantages of choosing an outdoor infrared sauna include:

  • Energy efficiency: Infrared heaters consume less energy compared to traditional sauna heaters, reducing your energy costs.

  • Faster heating time: Infrared saunas typically heat up within 10-15 minutes, while traditional saunas may take up to 45 minutes.

  • Lower operating temperature: Outdoor infrared saunas operate at lower temperatures, making them more comfortable for longer sessions and suitable for those with specific health concerns.

Combining Traditional and Infrared Heaters for a Unique Sauna Experience

For those who can't decide between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna, why not consider combining the two? By incorporating both infrared heaters and a traditional sauna heater in your outdoor sauna, you can enjoy the benefits of both types of heat in a single session. Customize your sauna experience by alternating between the deep, penetrating heat of infrared heaters and the traditional steamy warmth of a traditional sauna.

The Classic Appeal of an Outdoor Traditional Sauna

An outdoor traditional sauna offers an authentic and immersive sauna experience that many enthusiasts love. These saunas use either a wood-burning stove or an electric heater to heat sauna stones, creating steam when water is poured over them. Outdoor traditional saunas provide the following benefits:

  • A more intense heat: Traditional saunas operate at higher temperatures, providing a more intense and invigorating experience.

  • Steam production: The steam generated in traditional saunas helps open pores and promote detoxification.

  • A social atmosphere: The outdoor setting and steamy environment make traditional saunas ideal for socializing with friends and family.

Barrel Saunas: A Unique and Stylish Option for Your Outdoor Space

Barrel saunas are a popular and attractive option for outdoor saunas. With their round, barrel-shaped design, they offer a spacious and efficient heating experience. The curved walls of a barrel sauna provide better heat circulation, ensuring even warmth throughout the space. Outdoor barrel saunas are available in both traditional and infrared options, allowing you to choose the best heat source for your preferences.

Build Your Dream Sauna with an Outdoor Sauna Kit

An outdoor sauna kit is a convenient and cost-effective option for homeowners who wish to construct their own sauna. These kits include all the materials and instructions necessary to build your outdoor sauna, including the wood, hardware, heater, and other essential components. Outdoor sauna kits are available in various designs and styles, including traditional, infrared, and barrel saunas, allowing you to create a custom sauna that suits your needs and preferences.

The Best of Both Worlds: Outdoor Barrel Sauna Kits

Outdoor barrel sauna kits combine the unique design of barrel saunas with the convenience and affordability of a sauna kit. These kits provide everything you need to build your own barrel-shaped outdoor sauna, available in both traditional and infrared heater options. With an outdoor barrel sauna kit, you can enjoy the benefits of a stylish and efficient sauna in your backyard, tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Take the First Step Towards Your Ultimate Sauna Experience

Take the First Step Towards Your Ultimate Sauna Experience

Ready to transform your outdoor space and elevate your wellness routine with a premium Enlighten Sauna? Airpuria is here to help you every step of the way. From selecting the perfect outdoor sauna to providing expert advice on assembly and maintenance, our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Don't wait any longer to experience the numerous health benefits and unparalleled relaxation that an Enlighten Sauna has to offer. Visit our website at airpuria.com to explore our extensive collection of Enlighten Saunas and find the perfect match for your home.

If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the ideal outdoor sauna, don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team at 773.337.8822 or sales@airpuria.com. We are more than happy to help you make an informed decision and guide you through the process.

Discover the Best Outdoor Saunas from Enlighten Sauna at Airpuria Today!

Invest in your well-being, enhance your outdoor living space, and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Choose Enlighten Sauna and Airpuria – your trusted partners for an unparalleled sauna experience.

Best Outdoor Saunas - Your Questions Answered

Best Outdoor Saunas - Your Questions Answered

1. How do I maintain my outdoor sauna?

Maintaining your outdoor sauna is relatively simple. Regularly clean the interior surfaces with mild soap and water or a specialized sauna cleaner. Check for any signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly. If your sauna has a wood-burning stove, clean the chimney regularly to ensure proper ventilation.

2. Can I use my outdoor sauna year-round?

Yes, most outdoor saunas, including those from Enlighten Sauna, are designed for year-round use. They are built with high-quality materials and insulation to withstand various weather conditions. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and properly maintain your sauna to ensure optimal performance throughout the year.

3. How much does it cost to run an outdoor sauna?

The cost of running an outdoor sauna depends on factors such as the type of sauna, its size, and the frequency of use. Infrared saunas generally consume less energy than traditional saunas, making them more cost-effective. To calculate the cost of running your sauna, consider the wattage of the heater, the cost of electricity in your area, and the duration of each sauna session.

4. How long does it take for an outdoor sauna to heat up?

The time it takes for an outdoor sauna to heat up depends on the type of sauna and the ambient temperature. Traditional saunas usually take 30-45 minutes to reach the desired temperature, while infrared saunas can heat up in as little as 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind that outdoor temperatures may affect the heating time, especially during colder months.

5. What is the ideal temperature for an outdoor sauna?

The ideal temperature for an outdoor sauna depends on personal preference and the type of sauna. Traditional saunas typically operate at temperatures between 150°F and 195°F, while infrared saunas operate at lower temperatures, usually between 110°F and 140°F. It's essential to listen to your body and find the temperature that feels most comfortable for you.

6. Can a sauna be installed outdoors?

Yes, saunas can be installed outdoors. Outdoor saunas are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide a unique sauna experience in the natural surroundings of your home. When choosing an outdoor sauna, make sure to select a model that is built with high-quality materials and insulation to ensure its durability and performance in an outdoor setting.

7. Is an outdoor sauna worth it?

An outdoor sauna can be worth it for those who appreciate the benefits of sauna use and enjoy the ambiance of being outdoors. Outdoor saunas offer several advantages, such as providing a tranquil and natural environment, easy access, and the possibility to combine the sauna experience with a cold plunge or outdoor shower. However, it's essential to consider factors such as your budget, available space, and maintenance requirements when deciding if an outdoor sauna is the right choice for you.

8. Do outdoor saunas last?

Outdoor saunas can last for many years if they are properly maintained and built with high-quality materials. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the interior, inspecting the structure for signs of wear or damage, and ensuring proper ventilation, will help extend the life of your outdoor sauna. Additionally, choosing a sauna made from durable materials like Cedarwood and using a weather-resistant protective finish can help protect your sauna from the elements and prolong its lifespan.

9. Is it worth getting an outdoor sauna?

Getting an outdoor sauna can be worth it for those who value the numerous health and relaxation benefits of regular sauna use and enjoy being in an outdoor setting. An outdoor sauna can be a unique and enjoyable addition to your home, providing a peaceful retreat and a space for relaxation and wellness. However, it's important to consider your budget, available space, and willingness to maintain the sauna to determine if it's the right investment for you.

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