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Campania International: Your One-Stop-Shop For Fine Garden Décor

When it comes to bringing any outdoor space to life, Campania International is considered the marvel of the garden decor industry. From the high-quality outdoor fabric to durable cast stone, Campania knows how to maintain a perfect balance of sustainability and timelessness.

Here's everything you need to know about the brand that embraces the "by-hand" process to its fullest, and how Airpuria has become an essential helping hand in the purchasing process for everything Campania.

Campania International — Company Overview

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When the Cilio family established Campania International in 1983, high-quality garden accents were not readily available in the United States. Campania swiftly found its place in the garden décor industry by supplying hand-made items to American garden centers, which led to the expansion of the company's industry-leading operations!

Garden Décor Products

From classic to contemporary, CI has a vast range of garden décor products available in numerous materials and designs — offering plenty of options to fit the desired look and feel of your home. Additionally, Airpuria is here to satisfy each customer's specific requirements for exceptional and distinctive items — because of our customization service which offers the ability for customers to choose between specific colors, hand-staining options, designs, and styles.

The Cast Stone Collection

Campania's Cast Stone Collection is developed and produced in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, to maintain the company's rigid quality requirements. Due to the continuous expansion of this best-selling category, the brand has quadrupled its fountain offerings to satisfy its customers. As of 2022, the company is on a mission to add new fountains to the ever-expanding category every year.

All About Campania And Their Process

When it comes to garden décor, one thing that sets Campania apart from the rest of the industry is its design process — crafted by hand from start to finish in every single instance.

This hand-crafting process begins with the conception of the design and continues through mold development, the pouring of cast stone, and the application of the patina/finish.

This labor-intensive procedure comprises 15 incredibly creative and technologically-advanced steps, ensuring the product passes through as many as 30 different hands and quality checks.

Step one in the design process is the development of an original item by one of the company's in-house designers or artists. This also could include the selection of an antique, followed by the construction of a copy of the original. Due to the nature of antiquities, CI is sometimes called upon to do some of its restoration work in-house using its very own artisans.

After the design process, a component is sent straight to the mold department, where a multi-stage process to create the mold begins, which is later used in product manufacturing.

Since it helps recreate the additional details and texture of an original design, this mold is of the utmost importance. When a piece has a lot of intricate details, it might take as long as three months for the mold to be finished.

Here's a crazy fact: On average, the company creates over 700 new molds annually to satisfy the needs of gardeners and landscapers in the US.

Once a piece has spent the required time in the mold division, it is moved to the production area, where the liquid is poured into the mold. This process is repeated until the product is ready to be placed in the distributor's warehouse to finally meet the end customer.

To guarantee the longevity and strength of the product, the company pays close attention to the pressure of the concrete in pounds per square inch (PSI). However, to achieve the highest possible level of durability, CI has settled on a PSI of around 7500. Finally, specialized processes are utilized to eliminate any air bubbles within a piece and make it as perfect as possible.

Once assembled, each component is given time to air dry and is de-molded by an expert manufacturing team member. After an item has been through the manufacturing department and completed its tasks, it is subsequently transferred to the finishing department.

In this step, the seams of all parts are smoothed, and any air holes that may have been generated due to the pouring process are sealed and ground out so that they are consistent with the rest of the piece. Finally, the finished products are stacked on a pallet before being transported to the storage area to be stocked and distributed. To ensure that the natural finish of each unique item is maintained while it is stored in the warehouse, CI takes important safety measures.

When a buyer places an order for a particular piece at Airpuria, that item is retrieved from the warehouse. After that, it is sent to the finishing lines, which undergoes a manual staining process, followed by wiping away any excess to ensure that every feature is brought out correctly. Because of this, each and every artwork produced by CI is unique and one-of-a-kind.

A Little About Us — Airpuria

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Based in Wauconda, Illinois, Airpuria is a health and wellness company that helps customers and businesses elevate their indoor and outdoor spaces with products from top-rated brands in the United States. We believe the space where you spend the most time should feel like your personal sanctuary—a place where the soul can breathe and the mind can rest.

Following years of study and assisting over 400 individual customers and businesses (and counting), we realized that every person is unique. For us, it is not enough to offer you an American product; we want you to like what you receive, have unforgettable memories as you enjoy it, and share those experiences with the people around you.

How Airpuria is Transforming the Buying Process for Campania International Fans

Some might consider Airpuria as just the "middleman" between CI and the end user; however, we're more than that. With the ease of operation by shipping products to the exact location, and our part in assisting customers get exactly what they want, we take out the leg work involved in finding perfect products in brick-and-mortar stores or retail outlets.

Completely Customize Your Order

Through Airpuria, you'll be able to take advantage of the following amazing Campania International customization options.

  • Pick the specific color for your décor.

  • The option to hand-stain your décor.

It's Easy to Get Exactly What You Want

  • Free shipping is included with every Campania order.

  • Your order will be delivered — no need to haul it back home!

  • You'll be contacted by Campania to select a delivery time and day of your choosing.

  • You'll get the chance to approve the items before the delivery company leaves.

  • We can process orders through email or phone – whatever is convenient for you.

  • We offer different financing options for individual customers and businesses. 

  • We are always here to answer your parts and service questions – FAST!

Other Amazing Benefits of Using Airpuria

  • We use multiple means to deliver – backed by free shipping to the lower 48 US.

  • We work with PayPal, so you can get what you need now and pay later.

  • We work with all top-rated brands – unmatched by any other distributor.

Find more about Airpuria's product offers and delivery services for 2022, all designed and optimized with the customer experience in mind. Click here to discover your favorite Campania International pieces!

Airpuria — Collection X Campania International

With American headquarters and an extensive network of delivery partners, Airpuria is on a mission to create that feeling of home for everyone, anywhere. And when it comes to the "feeling of home," nothing is better than the craftsmanship of skilled artisans that work at CI. We're proud to be a distributor of this exclusive brand for fine garden décor. Ready to shop for the finest garden accents? Look below.

Campania Planters

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Planting flowers and plants in your garden isn't the only way to make your space look nice. Like every home décor project, creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape requires imagination and innovation—and for us, planters tick all the boxes. From Cast Stone and Vicolo Antico to GFRC, Glazed, Terra Cotta, Fiberglass, Steel, Zinc, Fiber Cement, and Design.urb, Campania International's planters collection has every material you can think of.

Check out our beautiful and extensive Campania International Planter Collection by clicking here.

Campania Pedestal Planter Add-On

Discover Campania International Outdoor Smithsonian Egg and Dart Roadside Pedestal and Plinth.


The truth is, many outdoor garden designs shouldn't be deemed "complete" while lacking the essential addition of pedestals and plinths!

Most of these classic outdoor garden accents, even those available at Campania International, are produced out of fiber stone. Fiber stone is a fiberglass packing with a combination of stones and sand cast into the surface, followed by a skillfully hand-painted stain to create the illusion of old stone from antiquity.

When you order Campania Planters through Airpuria, we provide the option of easily adding pedestals that directly match your planters — taking out the leg work of trying to find the perfect match!

Take a look at our Campania International Pedestal Collection by clicking here.

Campania Fountains

he Campania International Pallisades Fountain from Airpuria ship address.

When people think of an outdoor fountain, their minds often go to an exotic, breathtaking design that perfectly complements an equally spectacular building. However, outdoor fountains don't have to be monumental structures. From Estate and Tiered to Freestanding, Basin, Wall, Glazed, Birdbath, Table Top, GFRC, and Garden Room, Campania International's collection has every type and size of outdoor fountain you can think of.

Transform the centerpiece of your landscape. Check out our plentiful Campania Fountain Collection — Click here.

Campania Benches

A picture of the Campania International Cumberland Bench - BE-146 Bench from Airpuria.

It doesn't matter how large or small your patio or lawn is; an outdoor bench is a year-round essential to inspire someone to spend more time outdoors, no matter the weather.

Also, keep in mind that adding benches to outdoor spaces is a great way to facilitate conversation, connection, and mindfulness. And with the added durability of Campania's Cast Stone make, these essential life elements can withstand the test of time — all while acting as "the cherry on top" of your finished patio design.

Don't leave your patio unfinished; check out our Campania Bench Collection here.

Campania Statuary

 An image of Campania International Classic Madonna, Large Statuary - R-110.

There is nothing that can exalt a garden like art and sculpture. Sculpture, particularly when huge, reinforces a sense of place, forges a link between the garden and the building, and emphasizes the garden's theme more than anything else. Whether you want to embody a fairy's hideaway in the yard or make it look presentable with hints of artistic genius, Campania's sculpture collection has everything to match your budget and vision.

Need some art in your yard? Check out the Campania Statuary Collection here.

Campania's Garden Décor Collection — Hear From Customers

These reviews speak for themselves. Customers love Campania!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Campania International?

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Campania International is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality garden accents.

  • What is Airpuria?

Based in Wauconda, Illinois, Airpuria is a health and wellness company that helps customers and businesses elevate their indoor and outdoor spaces with products from top-rated brands.

  • How Do I Contact Airpuria for Campania Products?

You can either contact the Airpuria team by asking questions on live chat or submit a form to get a response from the 5-star customer service team within 24 hours.

  • How Do I Track Order Placed Via Airpuria?

Once you place an order, a tracking code will be sent to you via email. Enter the code on Airpuria's official website. For any further information, contact us here.

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