The inside of a medical sauna designed to heal your muscles, improve blood flow, and range of motion.

[UPDATED 2023] Medical Sauna: Uses and Health Benefits

A hot sauna experience is always a relief after a long day.

After sitting at your office desk all week, those few minutes of sweating can be so therapeutic, that your whole outlook on life could change.

Saunas originated in Scandinavia and spread through the world like wildfire — and for good reason.

Once people felt the immediate benefits of sauna usage, they started to gain fame. After optimizing the craft, saunas were found to:

  • Shed some extra weight.

  • Heal your muscles.

  • Detoxify your body.

  • Promote relaxation.

  • And so much more.

The "Medical Sauna" is a recent addition to the sauna menu — which is quite expansive.

These types of saunas have many benefits, and although the research is relatively new, Doctors and Medical Experts are starting to swear by them!

These saunas have received fantastic reviews recently from people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, muscle injury, and even diseases such as cancer.

Still, always discuss sauna treatment with your family doctor first before going all in on saunas.

What is a Medical Sauna?

Image depicting the heater technology of a natural hemlock sauna designed to improve the skin, improve blood flow, and provide relief for a better life.

Before investing in a medical sauna, conducting a fair amount of research is necessary. We ended up just doing the research for you!

Check it out below.

What is a Medical Grade Sauna?

This type of sauna uses an advanced heating system to promote heat therapy, which has been used for many years in different therapeutic practices — think hot yoga.

Some consider heat therapy to be the heart of medicine, since it originated in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Medical Saunas can be small, medium. or large. It really depends on how many people you're looking to accommodate.

Don't worry. If you're trying to promote healthy sauna sessions for the whole family, we have the perfect recommendation for you.

Different Types of Saunas

Image of a person relaxing in a hemlock wood sauna with heating technology that is rated 5 stars.

Saunas do not just come in one shape or form. Since they have been a part of many cultures, they vary in shape, size, and the type of internal heating system used. Saunas can make you sweat through dryness, steam (wetness), or through infrared heat.

If you're short on time during the day, there's no need to worry. Saunas provide many medical benefits even if you only have a few minutes to spend of your busy schedule. Since they promote excessive sweating and heat emission, they can release toxins from the body, alleviating stress symptoms and sore muscles and promoting well-being.

Pro tip: Before important meetings, we recommend spending a few minutes in the sauna! Navigating essential discussions is always better when you can relax and think clearly.

The technology used in saunas has been improved and optimized throughout the years. Since they've existed for quite some time, variations of dry and wet saunas have flooded the market. Amongst these, infrared saunas are gaining traction as some of the most popular. This is mainly due to the updated technology used to provide more targeted heat to your body.

Here's a breakdown of saunas types and how they operate.

1.     Dry Heating System

  • These saunas work by heating the room with fire, gas, or hot stones.

2.     Steam Heating System

  • These saunas provide moist heat to the atmosphere. Water is added to the heat generated by the fire or stones.

3.     Infrared Sauna Heating System

  • These saunas are unique as they provide heat to the body through internal infrared heaters. This heat is absorbed directly by the skin. These can be through a Near-Infrared Sauna, Far-Infrared Sauna, or Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna — which provides the best of both worlds depending on how you're feeling.

How Do Medical Saunas Work?

Image depicting how sweating sessions provide helpful skin relief for a better complexion.

Saunas have proven beneficial for promoting endorphins, reducing inflammation, and improving blood flow.

Drastic changes can be achieved through repeated use over time. However, the relaxing effects can be felt immediately. Medical Experts also note that sauna usage essentially mimics the effect that cardiovascular exercise has on your body. And while it shouldn't be considered a substitute, it can be used to accentuate the benefits of cardio and gym usage!

Saunas can increase your heart rate in the moment and strengthen your immune system over time!

Repeated sessions can also make a huge difference if your goal is chronic pain relief. Here are some of the uses and benefits of a medical sauna.

A Closer Look at Medical Saunas

Image of a person relaxing in their medical sauna.

Let's take a closer look at why people would use a medical sauna.

You may have come across medical saunas for sale and wondered why someone would want a sweating machine right in their home.

Well, they may have heard about the amazing effects of heat bathing and wanted the option of being able to do it whenever they please!

Heat bathing is a groundbreaking way to heal your body by using the heat that it naturally generates.

It's a medical breakthrough which has been incorporated in conjunction with medicine. This practice is used for:

  • Hygiene.

  • Detoxification.

  • Spirituality.

  • And more.

Since so much technological improvement has been achieved throughout the years, the modern sauna is basically a combination of different types of historical saunas — just with updated technologies.

One example we like to reference is the fusion of the Finnish sauna the Turkish Hammam, to create a version that works well for everyone!

Saunas may differ based on structure, heating styles, or technology, but they serve the same general goal; healing.

  • Traditional saunas focus on shorter periods and greater temperatures by using dry air, while non-traditional ones rely on more extended periods and lower temperatures using wet air.

  • The Medical Infrared Sauna is one of the great inventions of the 21st century. The internal infrared emitters used within this type of sauna can be adjusted without using water. Overall, they require lesser energy to function — saving home sauna buyers money on their electric bills.

Sauna usage has been proven to have lasting impacts on human physiology.

In humans, the thermoregulatory pathways are triggered through the hypothalamus and central nervous system with short bursts of heat that force sweating.

As the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems are activated from these changes, they improve the user's:

  • Heart rate.

  • Blood circulation.

  • Cardiovascular performance.

  • And temperature regulation ability.

As one cools off from the generated heat through the sweating process, the body regulates its temperature, attempting to return to homeostasis. 

This cycle can yield improvements in both physiological and mental health.

For people who have trouble exercising, these wonderful machines have the ability to provide your body with many of the major benefits of intense exercise, without causing strain. 

The above processes and bodily reactions can result in the health benefits listed below!

Expert Advice: Sauna Usage for Optimal Benefits

To make the most of your medical sauna experience and maximize its health benefits, here are some expert tips:

  • Gradually increase your sauna sessions: Start with shorter sessions and progressively increase the duration and temperature as your body adapts. Aim for 15 minutes per session for optimal results.

  • Hydrate before and after your sauna session: Proper hydration is crucial to avoid dehydration and replenish the fluids lost during sweating.

  • Combine sauna sessions with regular exercise: Although saunas can mimic some effects of cardiovascular exercise, they should not be considered a substitute. Combine sauna usage with regular physical activities for the best results.

  • Consult your doctor before starting sauna therapy: If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, it's essential to discuss with your healthcare provider before incorporating sauna sessions into your routine.

Medical Sauna Health Benefits: Our Helpful Guide

Image of two people relaxing in their medical sauna.

Here are some reasons you find great medical sauna reviews everywhere you go.

1. It Can Relieve Pain, Improve Cardiovascular Health, and Improve Blood Circulation

Image of medical saunas relieving pain, improving cardiovascular health, and blood circulation.

Medical saunas are well-known to reduce both physiological and mental stress (stress in the mind AND in the body).

Many sauna users recommend the sauna to others because of these same results. Saunas reduce inflammation, which is the root cause of many modern health issues. They also improve blood flood which has an extensive list of associated benefits.

Athletes utilize sauna sessions to help build muscles and achieve a more absolute command over their physique. Saunas help their muscles repair and heal faster because they increase your body's natural production of HGH (human growth hormone).

Shockingly, most bodily stress is related in some way to cardiovascular health. In terms of sauna usage, this is great news! Since saunas can massively improve one's cardiovascular health over time, they have the potential to alleviate the associated stresses of less-than-optimal heart health.

2. It Can Promote Muscle Repair

Image of doctors and pain specialists showing how saunas can facilitate muscle repair.

Apart from the medical benefits, Medical Infrared Saunas are popular for their effects on the muscles post-exercise.

Since sauna therapy works on relaxing the muscle and loosening tightness, it can allow stiffness and soreness to disappear, providing relief for better performance and allowing muscles to heal more effectively.

Combine this with the increased natural human growth hormone that lifters experience during post-workout sauna sessions, and you'll get a fantastic equation for faster muscle healing.

This can reduce pain overall and allow you to experience that relaxation high after an exercise session without hurting your muscles. With the rising temperatures, the blood vessels dilate, which improves circulation. This can heal the tears that take place within the muscle post-exercise.

Some studies also note that briefly entering the sauna mid-workout can replenish the ATP in your cells. This can provide you with more energy and a more effective workout overall!

3. It Helps You De-Toxify

Picture depicting how saunas helps to detox from harmful toxins.

Whether it's the food we eat or the air we breath — every day we run the risk of accumulating more and more toxins in our bodies.

Without a proper way to eliminate these toxins from our system, they can actually stay there, causing damage over time.

Heat therapy can flush the toxins out of your system.

With the rising heat, the body's temperature rushes to match the sauna's temperature. As sweat is produced, the body starts to cool down. This releases much of the water that is trapped within your body which can take some of those trapped toxins along for the ride.

Since you accumulate a lot of lead, copper, mercury, and other harmful chemicals throughout the day, sweating them out can help your body regenerate and improve more effectively.

4. It Helps You Get a Better Night's Sleep

Image of improved sleep through heat shock protein activation.

Saunas have been shown to induce sleep much quicker and allow you to sleep longer and deeper. Better sleep can lead to a happier life since a relaxed and well-rested body produces more endorphins, among a myriad of other reasons.

Your body temperature is required to regulate throughout the day, and sleep is a great way of maintaining that regulation. A better night's sleep can lead to more medical benefits overall.

Airpuria's Recommendations for Medical Saunas


Image of Airpuria's home and medical sauna recommendations for 2022.

If you're searching for the best-reviewed medical saunas for sale, look no further. Here’s a short and handy guide to some of the best medical saunas with the best medical sauna reviews at Airpuria.

This line of saunas is designed to provide comfort to those who don't want to visit a public sauna every day. Let's review the medical sauna series one by one;

1. Medical 3 Sauna


The Medical 3 Sauna from Airpuria.

The Medical 3 or the Medical 3 Sauna is a great choice for people who want to enjoy all the benefits of a sauna without giving up extra space.

The Medical 3 Sauna can hold one person at a time. It uses six heaters to circulate air throughout the sauna.

The Medical 3 is known for features that include features like the:

  • Hot/Cold Cleansing System™.

  • Detox Routine™.

  • Insulated Airflow System™.

  • 3D Heat Therapy™.

  • Safe Cool Down System™.

  • Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™.

  • And Simple Touch LED Control Panel™.

This sauna is constructed from the ground up using beautiful, natural hemlock wood. It contains a vent located in the roof and a tempered glass door. Medical 3 offers a speaker system that comes with an easy-to-use MP3 connection for people who want to attach their phones and play meditative sounds or their favorite tunes.

Medical 3 Saunas’ reviews on Airpuria speak volumes about the durability and reliability of this sauna.

It's easy to install, with effective heating systems.

Click here to read more about the Medical 3 Sauna!

Medical 3 Sauna Customer Review:

A five star review for the Medical 3 Sauna from Airpuria.

2. Medical 4 Sauna

Image of the Medical 4 Sauna for your at-home spa collection.

If you're thinking of expanding your sauna to another person, this is a great choice for you.

It offers a capacity of two people with six heaters and the same features as the Medical 3 (listed below for your convenience):

  • Hot/Cold Cleansing System™.

  • Detox Routine™.

  • Insulated Airflow System™.

  • 3D Heat Therapy™.

  • Safe Cool Down System™.

  • Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™.

  • And Simple Touch LED Control Panel™.

Additional benefits include the:

  • Rapid Internal Heating System™.

  • Energy Efficient Heating System™.

  • And Mood Lighting™.

With the Medical 4, you receive Bluetooth functionality, which provides easy access to your devices.

Click here to read more about the Medical 4 Sauna!

Medical 4 Sauna Customer Review:

A five star review for the Medical 4 Sauna from Airpuria from someone who decided to call and order their home sauna.

3. Medical 5 Sauna

Image of the Medical 5 Sauna with free shipping from Airpuria.

As another fantastic addition to the medical sauna system, the Medical 5 provides all the benefits of Medical 3 and 4 along with the additional:

  • Chromatic Therapy System™.

  • Omni-Directional Heating™.

  • Interior Reading Light System™.

  • And the Silent Heating System™.

This combination of features optimizes heating more effectively and gets you to higher temperatures much faster.

It also provides better seating systems with deep bench seating so that you can sink into relaxation!

This sauna holds three people and includes three more heaters with the heating system.

Click here to read more about the Medical 5 Sauna!

Medical 5 Sauna Customer Review:

A five star review for the Medical 5 Sauna from Airpuria.

4.     Medical 6 Plus Sauna

Image of the Medical 6 Plus made by doctors, pain specialists, and medical experts.

This sauna is suited for bigger spaces since it provides the same room as a Medical 5 but adds a lot more to the same sauna.

The Medical 6 Plus uses much less energy than the other systems. This is due to the 15% thicker glass and wooden panels used in the design.

This version is even more efficient than the others in this medical sauna series as it takes less time to heat the sauna, and holds heat more effectively.

Translation: You'll sweat more in less time!

Click here to read more about the Medical 6 Plus Sauna!

Medical 6 Sauna Customer Review:

A five star review for the Medical 6 Plus Sauna from Airpuria.

Medical Sauna FAQs

Going through the questions that people frequently ask about a medical sauna can give you an understanding of whether or not it's a good fit for you.

Here are some FAQs that can help you navigate the process much better:

1. Is there any risk associated with a medical sauna?

A sauna can be risky for select people. It may not even achieve absolute pain relief. This risk increases in places with a greater population. Since more people spend more time in cramped spaces, they are much more susceptible to disease. Make sure to visit saunas with less of a crowd or invest in one for your home. It's best to purchase a system that allows you all the comfort and benefits of a sauna without the added negatives associated with public sauna systems.

2. Who should avoid visiting a sauna?

Do not visit a sauna if intoxicated, as the heat therapy can interfere with your system and cause you to collapse. Avoid going to a sauna if you suffer from aortic valve diseases, heart attacks, and chest pain. Adults should consult their doctors before visiting a sauna since they are more likely to get a heatstroke. The same is true for younger children, so it is best to ask a doctor and accompany them if you wish to introduce them to a medical sauna.

3. Can I go to the sauna if I am pregnant?

Since pregnant women are far more susceptible to overheating, dehydration, and fainting, it is advisable to be careful when visiting a sauna. During pregnancy, one is not allowed to engage in certain physical activities that they'd normally partake in. Thus it is best to take precautions. Pregnant women should avoid exposing themselves to intense heat for long periods of time to avoid overheating.

Airpuria — Final Thoughts on Medical Saunas

Medical saunas can be great for people looking to relax or loosen up after a long day.

Saunas have a huge list of amazing health benefits for both the mind and the body.

If you want to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your immune system, gain muscles and achieve absolute strength for all kinds of physical activities, sweating in a sauna for a few minutes during the week may get you closer to your goals!

Take baby steps and increase duration and temperature over time. All you need is 15 minutes!

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Financing Your Medical Sauna: Affordable Options for Individuals and Businesses

Investing in a medical sauna can be more affordable with financing options from Airpuria. They offer financing for all individuals with 0% interest rates for up to 18 months. Business owners can also apply for special financing programs tailored to their needs.

A medical sauna can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine, providing numerous health benefits and promoting overall well-being. By following expert advice, understanding the key points, and considering financing options, you can make an informed decision and invest in a medical sauna that best suits your needs.

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