Optimal Temperature for Sauna: A Guide by Airpuria

Optimal Temperature for Sauna: A Guide by Airpuria

 Stepping into a sauna feels like entering another world - the dry heat envelops you, inducing a deep sweat and a state of total relaxation. While traditional Finnish saunas have been used for centuries, modern sauna designs now include infrared and outdoor options as well.

With different sauna types reaching varying temperature ranges, how do you determine the ideal heat setting?

Choosing the perfect sauna temperature depends on personal preferences, health goals, session duration, and the type of sauna itself. Whether you aim to detoxify, reduce sore muscles, or simply unwind after a long day, setting the right sauna temperature enhances the benefits. As a proud authorized dealer of world-renowned sauna brands, Airpuria provides helpful guidance on finding your optimal heat zone.

This comprehensive sauna temperature guide examines how to customize your experience in traditional, infrared, and hybrid saunas. We'll cover specific temperature recommendations based on your health objectives and offer general guidelines for safe, enjoyable sauna sessions. You'll also learn how Airpuria offers exceptional saunas to bring soothing dry heat into your own home. Let's dive in to discover the ideal temperatures for total sauna benefits.

Types of Saunas Offered by Airpuria

Infrared Saunas

An image of infrared saunas offered by Airpuria.

Infrared saunas offered by Airpuria use advanced infrared heaters that emit infrared light, which the body absorbs, thereby raising internal body temperature. This unique approach facilitates deep sweating and detoxification while maintaining more moderate air temperatures than traditional saunas.

We have an extensive collection of premium indoor infrared saunas designed to suit various spaces. The infrared sauna heaters and construction materials we offer are thoughtfully crafted to ensure optimal emission of infrared wavelengths, prioritize user safety, and enhance energy efficiency.

Within the realm of infrared saunas, a pleasant experience is ensured, with temperatures ranging from 120 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower infrared sauna temperature offers a gentle and enjoyable encounter for users, all while delivering a multitude of benefits.

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Traditional Saunas

An image of a traditional sauna offered by Airpuria.

At Airpuria, we offer premium traditional saunas that deliver an authentic and satisfying hot sauna encounter. Inside, the wooden interior of these traditional saunas creates a visually pleasing environment and features robust insulation that retains heat effectively.

When it comes to traditional saunas, they are typically enjoyed at higher temperatures, ranging from 150 to 189 degrees Fahrenheit. These saunas utilize an electric heater, producing dry heat that leads to profound sweating at these elevated temperatures. This specific type of sauna session offers an invigorating and deeply cleansing experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Outdoor Hybrid Saunas

Picture of the Enlighten Infrared/Traditional Sauna SAPPHIRE - 4C Peak - 4 Person Outdoor Sauna offered by Airpuria.

Airpuria presents a unique range of hybrid saunas that seamlessly blend the best of traditional and infrared heating methods, resulting in flexible and versatile sauna sessions. With our selection of outdoor hybrid saunas, you have the remarkable opportunity to relish the health benefits of saunas while being surrounded by the outdoors.

These outdoor hybrid saunas have insulated construction that effectively retains heat, providing you with a comfortable environment. In addition, the glass front door lets you connect with nature as you unwind within. Our selection of outdoor hybrid saunas is ingeniously designed with both traditional sauna rocks and infrared heaters, offering you the flexibility to switch between intense, dry sauna heat and the more gentle warmth of infrared.

For those seeking customized sauna experiences, the outdoor hybrid saunas can reach temperatures ranging from 140 to 189 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that you can tailor your session to your preferences.

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Determining the Best Temperature: Factors to Consider

Your Individual Health Goals

A picture of a fit person.

The ideal sauna temperature depends on your personal health objectives. If you aim to boost metabolism, lose weight, and eliminate toxins, higher sauna temperatures between 150-185°F are recommended. This induces a deep sweat to burn calories and flush out impurities. On the other hand, lower temperatures between 120-140°F are suggested for relaxation, improved circulation, and joint pain relief without overheating.

Those new to sauna use may start with lower temperatures and work upwards. It's always essential to listen to your body's signals and exit the sauna when you feel uncomfortable.

Sauna Type

Image of an infrared sauna, with red-colored heat.

The type of sauna you're using significantly influences the optimal temperature for your session. Traditional saunas are engineered to withstand higher heat levels, typically falling within the range of 150 to 185°F. These saunas employ heated rocks, onto which water can be poured to create a temporary rise in humidity levels.

In contrast, infrared saunas operate differently. They don't rely on rocks or water. Instead, they emit milder heat ranging from 120 to 140°F through direct absorption of infrared light waves by the body.

There's the advantage of alternating between the classic dry sauna and the soothing warmth of infrared from outdoor hybrid saunas. It's advisable to initiate with temperatures on the lower end of each sauna's specified range. This allows you to gradually ascertain your personal preferences and comfort levels, ensuring an enjoyable and tailored experience.

Session Length

Image of people inside the sauna.

Take into account the duration of your intended sauna session as you adjust the heat settings. If you're planning longer sessions that extend beyond 30 minutes, it's advisable to set the temperature around 140°F. This approach helps prevent overheating and ensures a more comfortable experience. On the other hand, for shorter sessions lasting around 10 to 15 minutes, you can increase the temperature to a maximum of 185°F.

Throughout your sauna session, it's essential to gauge how your body is responding. Pause to assess every 5 minutes, and if you start sweating heavily or experience any discomfort, it's a cue to exit the sauna. Following a cooling-down period, you have the option to re-enter for another session if you so desire.

Gradually building up your tolerance to heat allows you to partake in longer sessions at higher temperatures over time. This progressive approach ensures that your sauna experience remains enjoyable and safe.

General Guidelines for Temperature

While personal preferences vary, here are some general sauna temperature guidelines:

  • 120-140°F: Beginner level or infrared sauna heat

  • 150-160°F: Moderate level traditional sauna heat

  • 165-185°F: High-level traditional sauna heat

  • Do not exceed 195°F in a home sauna

  • Increase temperature gradually in 5-10°F increments

  • Stay hydrated and listen to your body's signals

Start on the low end of your sauna's range and work upwards to find your optimal zone. Consider getting a sauna thermometer to precisely monitor the heat.

Creating the Perfect Sauna Experience

The initial step in curating an exceptional sauna encounter is selecting the right sauna tailored to your requirements. The diverse range of saunas available at Airpuria includes indoor, outdoor, traditional, infrared, and hybrid saunas. In addition, we extend custom sauna design and installation services, ensuring seamless integration of a sauna into your living space.

All of the saunas and heaters come with comprehensive warranties, providing you with a sense of security. Our dedicated team remains committed to offering continuous support, guaranteeing that you extract maximum benefits from your sauna experience, whether it's for health, relaxation, or pure enjoyment.

Choosing a Sauna from Airpuria

An image of a sauna bather next to the contact information for Airpuria.

As a proud authorized dealer, we offer a wide selection of premium saunas from some of the most well-known brands to meet every need and preference. Choose from:

  • Indoor saunas: Available in traditional and infrared models, perfect for basements, bathrooms, garages, or anywhere indoors.

  • Outdoor saunas: Rugged designs made for backyard enjoyment in any weather.

  • Hybrid saunas: Combine infrared and traditional Finnish sauna features.

  • Traditional saunas: Cedar or hemlock wood interiors with electric heaters and rocks for water.

  • Infrared saunas: Milder infrared heat in contemporary carbon or cedar designs.

Financing Options for Those Who Qualify:

Airpuria's Top Picks:

Traditional Outdoor Sauna - Enlighten Dry Traditional Sauna MoonLight - 3 Slope - 3 Person

Image of the Enlighten Dry Traditional Sauna MoonLight offered by Airpuria.

The Enlighten Dry Traditional Sauna MoonLight - 3 Slope is a cozy 3-person outdoor sauna powered by an efficient Harvia electric heater. Its weatherproof Canadian red cedar wood construction allows you to sauna surrounded by nature year-round. The sloped roof and glass elements add visual appeal.

  • Authentic dry sauna heated by a Harvia electric heater

  • A durable weatherproof exterior finish protects the western red cedar wood

  • Sloped roof design with glass sidelights and glass door

  • Comfortably fits 3 people

  • Maintains interior temperatures up to 189°F

  • Equipped with built-in Bluetooth sound system

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Indoor Infrared Corner Sauna - Sunray Bristol Bay 4-Person

Image of the Indoor Infrared Corner Sauna - Sunray Bristol Bay 4-Person offered by Airpuria.

The spacious Sunray Bristol Bay 4-Person infrared sauna comfortably fits 4 people with its unique corner bench design. Its 10-carbon heaters provide healing infrared waves with low EMF and include extras like mood lighting and a sound system to enhance relaxation.

  • Corner bench design seats 4 people

  • 10 carbon nano heaters emitting infrared waves

  • Temperature range up to 140°F

  • Equipped with chromatherapy lighting and Bluetooth speaker

  • Includes oxygen ionizer to purify the air

  • Made from Canadian red cedar wood

  • ETL safety certified

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Outdoor Sauna - Nature 9 Plus - 6-Person

Image of the Outdoor Sauna - Nature 9 Plus 6-Person offered by Airpuria.

The Nature 9 Plus is a powerful 6-person outdoor sauna combining 15 full-spectrum infrared heaters with a traditional sauna stove for the ultimate experience. Its sturdy construction and extra insulation maintain heat in any weather.

  • Combines infrared and traditional heating

  • Fits 3-6 people

  • 15 full spectrum infrared heaters plus traditional stove

  • Maintains heat with extra insulation and thickness

  • Tempered glass door and walls

  • Advanced safety features for hot/cold cycling

  • Natural Canadian red cedar wood interior

  • Bluetooth sound system included

  • 3-year warranty

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Warranty and Support

All saunas and heaters purchased from Airpuria include a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

The Airpuria team provides ongoing support before and after your purchase. Our sauna specialists help select the ideal model and accessories for your needs. After delivery, we are available to answer any questions and ensure you get the most relaxation and benefits from your sauna.

FAQs About Sauna Temperature

Is a 140-degree sauna hot enough?

For many people, 140 degrees Fahrenheit provides an enjoyable and safe sauna experience, especially for newer sauna users. This temperature limit is common in public saunas and apartment complexes. However, sauna enthusiasts often prefer 150-185 degrees for more intense sweat and heat therapy benefits. Consider your own comfort level and health status when choosing a sauna temperature - 140 degrees is hot for beginners!

Is the sauna actually 90 degrees?

No, a true sauna is designed to reach much higher temperatures. However, 90 degrees would be considered a warm room temperature. The thermometer should reach 140-185 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in a properly functioning sauna. If your sauna struggles to surpass 90-100 degrees, the heating elements likely need repair. Consult with the sauna manufacturer about troubleshooting solutions.

What temperature is best for weight loss in a sauna?

30-minute sauna sessions at 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit are effective for minor weight loss. Sweating helps shed water weight in the short term. For optimal weight loss, combine regular sauna use 3-4 times per week with a healthy diet and exercise. Higher temperatures around 185 degrees may boost metabolism but also increase the risk of overheating if exposed too long. Milder sauna heat around 140 degrees is safest for weight loss.

Is 100 Degrees too hot for a sauna?

Not at all - 100 degrees Fahrenheit is cool for a sauna. Most saunas are designed to reach 140-185 degrees or higher. At only 100 degrees, the sauna would not feel hot enough to induce sweating. If 100 degrees feels too hot, it likely means you are not well-acclimated to sauna use. Build up your heat tolerance slowly by starting with very short 5-10 minute sessions at lower temperatures like 120-140 degrees. With regular use, your body will adapt to enjoy higher sauna temperatures.

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