Image illustrating the best saunas to buy in 2023 according to Airpuria.

2023 Best Saunas to Buy: Airpuria's Top Picks

 Looking to enhance your health, destress, and detox in the comfort of your own home? A sauna may be the perfect solution. Saunas provide a multitude of benefits, from soothing sore muscles to promoting relaxation. With so many types of saunas on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

That's where Airpuria comes in.

As an authorized dealer of world-renowned sauna brands, Airpuria offers premium saunas handcrafted from beautiful Canadian red cedar wood. With Traditional, Infrared, and Hybrid heating options, we have a sauna to match any need. Our expertise ensures you get the ideal sauna for your space and preferences. Plus, with financing plans and exceptional support, Airpuria makes buying a sauna simple.

This comprehensive guide from the Airpuria sauna specialists will walk you through the pros and cons of different sauna types, sauna health benefits, safety tips, accessories, maintenance, and more.

Let us help you find your perfect sauna match so you can begin reaping the wellness rewards a sauna has to offer.

Winners By Sauna Type

Traditional Saunas #1 Spot

Image showcasing the design and features of the Enlighten Dry Traditional Sauna MoonLight, one of the best traditional saunas.

Traditional saunas use conventional electric heaters to warm the air inside the sauna room.

The temperature typically ranges from 160-190°F. Traditional saunas are constructed of wood, usually hemlock or cedar. The wooden benches allow users to sit comfortably inside while enjoying the dry heat. 

One of Airpuria's top traditional sauna picks is the Enlighten Dry Traditional Sauna MoonLight - a 4 person outdoor sauna made of beautiful Canadian red cedar. It features double roof insulation, Harvia heaters, Bluetooth sound system, chromotherapy lighting, and an ionizer. With seating for 4, this is a spacious and luxurious traditional sauna option.

Shop Traditional Saunas offered by Airpuria for high-quality construction. All saunas and heaters come with a warranty, and financing is available, provided individuals meet the necessary eligibility criteria.

Infrared Saunas #1 Spot

Picture demonstrating the unique characteristics of the Enlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna RUSTIC, one of the top infrared saunas.

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit infrared waves that are absorbed by the body. This raises the body's core temperature, resulting in a deep sweat and detoxification. Infrared saunas typically operate at lower temperatures of 120-150°F. The soothing infrared heat is gentle on joints and muscles.

The Enlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna RUSTIC is an excellent 4 person outdoor infrared sauna choice. Made of beautiful rustic Canadian cedar, it has 2 full spectrum and 9 carbon fiber heaters. It comes with chromotherapy lighting and an ionizer included.

Check out the wide selection of Infrared Saunas offered by Airpuria.

Hybrid Saunas #1 Spot

Image showing one of the top hybrid saunas, with carbon heaters, the Enlighten Infrared/Traditional Sauna DIAMOND.

Hybrid saunas combine traditional and infrared heating technologies in one sauna. This allows users to alternate between dry and wet sauna sessions. The hybrid heating systems rapid heat up time.

The Enlighten Infrared/Traditional Sauna DIAMOND cleverly incorporates both traditional and infrared heating. With seating for 3, this sauna brings in natural light through its innovative design. Ask the Airpuria team about installation options for Enlighten saunas!

Browse Hybrid Saunas offered by Airpuria to find your perfect combination of traditional and infrared heating.

Advantages of Ordering From Airpuria

Image showing another sauna option available at Airpuria.

Some key benefits of purchasing an Airpuria sauna include:

  • High-quality construction and insulation for maximum energy efficiency

  • Custom installation options to fit your outdoor or indoor space (contact us)

  • Warranty included with every sauna

  • Affordable financing options available, subject to eligibility and approval

  • Exceptional customer support throughout selection, purchase, and ownership

Saunas available at Airpuria utilize industry-leading heating technology and innovative designs to create an unparalleled sauna experience. With space options from 2 to 6+ person saunas, you can find your perfect fit.

In addition, Airpuria makes the sauna buying process easy and enjoyable. Our team provides personalized guidance in choosing the right sauna based on your needs.

All saunas ship free to the lower 48 states in the United States.

Invest in your health and wellness with an Airpuria sauna.

Browse our premium selection today!

Choosing the Right Sauna

When selecting a sauna for your home, there are a few key factors to consider:

Number of Users

Think about how many people will be regularly using the sauna. Saunas come in a range of sizes - from 1 person units up to 6+ person capacity. Choose a sauna that fits both your current and future needs. 

Available Space

Measure the space in your home or outdoors where you plan to install the sauna. Make sure to pick a sauna that fits nicely within the dimensions of your available area. Consider wall thickness as well if installing indoors.

Portable or Permanent

Determine if you want the flexibility of a portable sauna that can be moved to different locations, or if you prefer a permanent model secured in one spot. Both options are available. 

Heating Method

Traditional saunas use dry heat, infrared saunas use light waves for gentle warmth, and hybrid saunas combine both methods. Choose the heating type aligned with your preferences.


Think about any customizations such as wood type, color, bench layout, lighting, audio, or accessories. Many custom options are available to create your ideal sauna.

Sauna Health Benefits

Image highlighting the many health benefits after a sauna session, including high blood pressure and heart health.

Using a sauna provides a wide array of health and wellness benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of regular sauna use:

Improved Circulation

Saunas possess the remarkable ability to expand and dilate blood vessels, which leads to a notable improvement in overall circulation. This enhanced circulation, in turn, fosters a more efficient blood flow throughout the body, ensuring that muscles and vital organs receive a heightened supply of oxygen.


Saunas offer a natural detoxification process by promoting sweating, a vital mechanism that aids in purging toxins and impurities through the skin. The act of sweating in saunas serves as an effective and efficient way to facilitate the removal of harmful substances that accumulate within the body.

Stress Relief

The soothing warmth and tranquil ambiance of saunas offer a remarkable respite from the demands of daily life, making them an ideal option for reducing stress. Saunas play a crucial role in stress reduction by triggering the release of endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals in the brain that have the power to soothe and restore the mind.

Pain Relief

The soothing warmth emanating from saunas serves as a remarkable remedy for temporary relief from aches and pains. The heat that the saunas emit addresses the root causes of discomfort, effectively reducing muscle tension and soothing soreness.

Skin Health

Saunas have long been celebrated for their rejuvenating effects on the skin. These heat-filled chambers are renowned for their ability to open up pores, induce a healthy sweat, and enhance overall circulation, all of which play pivotal roles in nurturing the skin's vitality.

Sauna Safety Tips

While saunas provide many benefits, it's important to keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Hydration - Drink plenty of water before, during, and after sauna use to avoid dehydration, and make sure to limit alcohol consumption when using a sauna. 

  • Time Limits - Start with short 5-15 minute sauna sessions and gradually increase over time as your body adjusts. Never exceed 30 minutes per session.

  • Listen to Your Body - Leave the sauna immediately if you experience any discomfort like dizziness, nausea, or headache. It's important not to push past your limits.

  • Consult Your Doctor - Check with your physician before using a sauna, especially if you have any underlying health conditions, as some conditions may have sauna restrictions.

  • Supervision - Children should always be supervised in saunas due to the risk of dehydration and overheating. Similarly, elderly individuals should also be monitored.

Sauna Accessories

An image of sauna accessories available for some saunas at Airpuria.

Along with the sauna structure itself, Airpuria offers a variety of helpful included accessories:

  • Sauna Ionizer - A device made to purify the air in your sauna for a cleaner, healthier experience.

  • Rain Covers for Outdoor Saunas - For outdoor saunas, Airpuria offers a rain cover made for harsher outdoor conditions.

  • Sauna Backrest - An adjustable backrest provides ergonomic lumbar support for greater comfort during sauna use.

  • Sauna Lights - Colored LED lights create ambiance and chromotherapy benefits.

Browse all sauna accessories to customize your optimal experience.

Sauna Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance keeps your sauna in peak condition. Follow these tips:

  • Weekly Cleaning - Wipe down benches and interior walls weekly using a non-toxic cleaner and dry cloth.

  • Monthly Deep Clean - Do a deep clean monthly by scrubbing the interior with a soft brush and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. 

  • Check Hardware - Have a professional inspect hinges, handles, thermometers, and hardware every few months to tighten or replace them if needed.

  • Yearly Wood Treatment - Sand and treat sauna wood yearly with a protective sealant to prevent drying and cracking.

  • Heater Maintenance - Have a technician inspect heaters and rocks annually and replace rocks as needed.

Regular upkeep enhances the hygiene, safety, and longevity of your sauna. Contact Airpuria for guidance.

Questions? Contact Us!

Image showing a customer contacting Airpuria for questions.

Customers are encouraged to reach out to the Airpuria team by phone or email with any inquiries before, during, or after their sauna purchase.

The team is happy to help!

When you purchase a sauna from Airpuria, you gain much more than just a high-quality product. You also get exceptional guidance and support from a committed team dedicated to your satisfaction.

Contact us via:

Sauna Financing Options

If you're interested in purchasing one of the top-rated saunas available at Airpuria, you may want to check out our financing options. These options are designed to make your life-changing investment more affordable.

For individuals who qualify, Airpuria offers 0% interest rates for up to 18 months. Business owners can also apply for special financing programs tailored to their needs.

The following links have all of the information you need:

Best Saunas 2023 FAQ

What is the best kind of sauna to buy?

There is no definitive best type of sauna. The right sauna for you depends on your needs and preferences. Traditional saunas use dry heat, while infrared saunas use radiant heat. Infrared saunas heat the body directly and can be more gentle, but some prefer the authentic dry heat experience of a traditional sauna. Hybrid saunas offer the benefits of both infrared and traditional heating. Portable infrared saunas provide convenience, while permanent traditional or hybrid saunas allow for more customization. The number of users, available space, and desired heating method should guide your sauna selection. Airpuria offers high-quality options for traditional, infrared, and hybrid saunas to meet diverse needs.

What is the healthiest form of sauna?

All types of saunas offer health benefits when used appropriately. Traditional dry heat saunas and infrared saunas are both considered therapeutic options. Infrared saunas directly heat the body and can be gentler, making them accessible to more people. But traditional saunas provide intense dry heat that some prefer for detoxification. Hybrid saunas allow you to experience the benefits of both infrared and traditional heating. As long as safety guidelines are followed, the type of sauna heat is a matter of personal preference. Any sauna offered by Airpuria will enhance your health.

Are home saunas worth it?

Yes, today's home saunas are high-quality and provide the same health benefits as commercial saunas. In fact, having a sauna at home is more convenient and private. Airpuria offers premium home saunas made with Canadian red cedar wood and state-of-the-art heating technology for traditional, infrared, or hybrid options. Our saunas are designed for safety, durability, energy efficiency, and a therapeutic sauna experience. With proper use and maintenance, a home sauna provides an excellent wellness solution for years to come.

Which type of sauna is best for home?

There is no single best home sauna type - it depends on your preferences and needs. For a home sauna, infrared and hybrid models may work better as they heat up faster, maintain lower temperatures, and require less energy. In addition, infrared saunas are gentler and more accessible for those with health issues. On the other hand, traditional saunas offer an authentic dry heat experience. Portable infrared barrel saunas are also a great option if space is limited. Ultimately, the sauna type that aligns best with the number of people using it, the amount of space you have, and your ideal heating method will be the perfect home sauna for you.

Can you buy a sauna to put into your house?

Yes, high-quality home saunas designed for residential installation are available to purchase from Airpuria. We offer indoor saunas made of beautiful Canadian red cedar wood that can be customized to your space. Permanent indoor saunas are secured in place, while portable infrared saunas can be moved from room to room. With safety and electrical requirements met, both permanent and portable saunas are great wellness additions to a home. Airpuria has experts available to guide you through choosing the right sauna for your household needs.

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