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Top 3 Service Robots for Sale in 2023

 Service robots are reshaping industries across the globe by automating tasks and improving efficiency like never before. In the world of hospitality and food service, advanced robots are stepping in to lend a helping hand. As a proud authorized dealer of Bear Robotics service robots, Airpuria offers cutting-edge service robots designed specifically for commercial use in restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, hospitals, and other establishments.

This blog post explores the top 3 service robots for lease in 2023 available at! We'll be taking an in-depth look at their features, capabilities, and pricing options to help you determine if acquiring one of these autonomous robots could benefit your business.

An Introduction to Service Robots

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Also known as professional service robots, service robots are designed to support human workers by taking over repetitive or mundane tasks. These robots feature advanced technology like sensors, AI, and computer vision to understand their environment and operate autonomously.

Unlike industrial robots made for factory work, service robots are created to smoothly interact with people in commercial settings like hotels, retail stores, and restaurants. Their duties may include transporting food and drinks to guests, guiding guests, providing information, inspecting infrastructure, or transporting luggage.

Benefits of service robots include:

  • Increased efficiency - Robots work tirelessly without breaks, boosting workflow.

  • Enhanced customer service - Quick and consistent service, freeing up staff.

  • Versatile applications - Can be used in many types of businesses.

  • Time-saving - Automate tedious and repetitive duties.

For hospitality, food service, and many customer-facing businesses, service robots offer game-changing automation to streamline operations. Now let's look at the top options available today:

Servi - The Hospitality Robot

A restaurant worker using the Servi touch screen to handle orders.

Servi, created by advanced robotics company Bear Robotics, is a pioneering service robot designed for restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, and other hospitality businesses. This autonomous robot features multiple trays to transport food, dishware, and other items with ease.

Key Features:

  • Navigate smoothly around people and obstacles

  • Multi-robot mode allows a fleet to synchronize with each other to avoid collisions

  • Transport up to 66 lbs (30 kg)

  • Works continuously for 8 to 12 hours per charge

Servi Pricing:

  • 12-Month Lease: $1,199.00 per month

  • 24-Month Lease: $749.00 per month

  • 36-Month Lease: $599.00 per month

The Verdict:

For high-volume restaurants and commercial kitchens, Servi provides game-changing automation to improve workflow. This robot excels at repeatedly transporting food and dishware, freeing up staff for better customer service. With 100% self-driving and smooth navigation, Servi integrates perfectly into hospitality environments.

Servi also comes in a smaller version - the Servi Mini. Check it out for more details!

Servi Plus - The Heavy-Duty Option

An image of the Servi Plus, offered by Airpuria.

The Servi Plus is an enhanced version of the original Servi robot designed to handle even more intensive use. This heavy-duty model features expanded capacity and tray space to serve your hospitality establishment or event venue better.

Key Features:

  • Transport up to 4 extra-large trays or 4 standard bus tubs

  • Increased 88 lb (40kg) payload capacity

  • Battery lasts 8-12 hours per charge

  • Customize to fit your floor plan and your specific needs


  • 12-Month Lease: $1,199.00

  • 24-Month agreement: $749.00

  • 36-Month agreement: $599.00

The Verdict:

With its expanded payload and capacity, the Servi Plus model truly excels at handling peaked service hours and large events. This heavy-duty robot can transport dishes and large stacks of plates with ease across long shifts. If your business has high-volume traffic, Servi Plus offers the strength and reliability required to automate food and dish runs.

Servi Lift - For Multi-Story Environments

An image of the Servi Lift carrying pizza boxes and more throughout a hotel.

Servi Lift takes delivery robotics to the next level by integrating with elevators to reach multiple floors. This advanced model allows hotels, hospitals, and other multi-story buildings to benefit from automation.

Key Features:

  • Integration with elevators, entrance gates, and delivery apps

  • Spacious shelves

  • Multi-destination delivery

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface

  • LCD screen for advertising

  • Secure passcode-protected compartments


  • (Servi Lift pricing is coming soon!)

  • Add your name to the waitlist to be the first to get Servi Lift for your business - Servi Lift Waitlist

The Verdict:

Servi Lift opens up tremendous possibilities for automation across hotels, high-rise residential buildings, ghost kitchens, and anywhere with elevators. This robot can provide economical package or food delivery services across multiple floors - which can normally be a strain on your staff. The future-focused Servi Lift finally brings advanced delivery robots to vertical structures through seamless elevator integration.

Transform Your Business with a Service Robot

An image showing the many ways that business owners can take advantage of convenient and sustainable food delivery robots.

From the standard Servi to the expanded Servi Plus and multi-story Servi Lift, there's a robot ideally suited to your needs. Plus, we make acquiring these advanced robots more affordable than ever through discounted pricing and leasing options as low as $599/month.

Service robots allow you to:

  • Improve workflow and output

  • Enhance customer service

  • Reduce strain on staffers

  • Create engaging experiences

  • Operate continuously without breaks

We are proud to offer service robots that bring tomorrow's technology to your business today. Discover how these autonomous robots can start transporting food delivery to help your staff save time.

Lease Service Robots Today

Key Benefits of Service Robots for Your Business

An image of the all-electric Servi Service Robots offered by Airpuria that business owners can take advantage of.

While advanced robots can benefit many industries, they hold particular advantages for hospitality, food service, and customer-facing businesses. Here’s a closer look at some of the top perks of adding an automated service robot to your business.

1. Increased Efficiency

One of the greatest assets of robots is their ability to tirelessly perform repetitive tasks with consistent precision and speed. Robots don’t require breaks, callouts, or vacations. Robots also don’t get distracted or interrupted, they are efficient and focused. This allows them to maintain peak performance and help your team maximize workflow.

For example, a robot like Servi Plus can smoothly transport up to 88 pounds of dishes or food orders all shift long. This frees up your existing staff to focus on more rewarding, customer-centric work.

2. Enhanced Customer Experiences

With helpful robots handling basic serving and transportation tasks, your staff has much more time to engage directly with patrons. Instead of running back and forth delivering plates from the kitchen, they can focus on hospitality niceties like greeting customers, answering questions, and ensuring satisfaction.

Robots also add an intriguing novelty to the experience. Customers are drawn to the charming anthropomorphic robots shuttling around your establishment. It gives your venue an air of high-tech sophistication.

3. Versatile Applications

While especially suited for food service, the flexible robots offered by Airpuria excel at a diverse range of tasks. Their trays can hold anything from periodicals and mail to beauty supplies, printouts, folders, cleaning supplies, and more.

Hotels can send amenities directly to rooms. Corporate campuses can transport documents between buildings. Venues can deploy robots to carry sound equipment. Their usefulness is limited only by your imagination!

4. Future-Proof Your Business

Service robots represent the future of smart automation. As technology continues advancing, greater capabilities and applications will emerge. Airpuria plans to release a range of new models with expanded functionality.

Getting in now future-proofs your operations with cutting-edge capabilities and room to grow and scale. Your staff also gains valuable experience working collaboratively with service robots!

Frequently Asked Questions About Service Robots

The world of advanced service robots presents exciting new possibilities for businesses but also raises common questions for prospective owners. Here we’ll address some key FAQs about purchasing and operating delivery robots offered by Airpuria.

Are the robots safe around people?

Absolutely. Servi robots offered by Airpuria use multiple cameras, sensors, and AI to continuously scan their surroundings for people and obstacles. They move at safe speeds, navigate intelligently, and can brake immediately. These robots are engineered to operate safely alongside staff and customers.

What training is required?

The training required for Servi involves the Bear Robotics team dedicating 2-3 days to visit your establishment. During this time, they will not only program your Servi but also provide comprehensive training for your staff.

How long do the batteries last?

On a full charge, Servi service robots offered by Airpuria operate for 8 to 12 hours continuously. When Servi needs to be charged you simply will plug Servi into a standard outlet. Multiple robots can be leased to cover businesses that run 24/7.

What happens if the robot encounters an unexpected obstacle?

These advanced units seamlessly navigate around obstructions using multiple cameras and sensors. If fully blocked, the robot simply stops and messages the operator for retrieval. Safety sensors prevent any potential hazards.

Can the robots operate outdoors?

Airpuria's current models, from Bear Robotics, are designed exclusively for indoor operation. The glare from the sun can negatively affect the LiDar sensors, impacting the navigation abilities of the robots.

What happens after I lease a robot?

Once you lease a Servi robot, the process begins. You'll receive the Servi robot at your location and the Bear Robotics team will conduct an on-site visit to set up and configure the robot to your needs. This includes programming its functions and mapping its environment. They'll also provide thorough training for your staff on operating the robot and addressing any concerns. During the lease, you'll have 24/7 technical support and maintenance included, ensuring the Servi robot operates efficiently to enhance your business.

How long do robots last?

When treated properly, robots offered by Airpuria are engineered for years of continuous service. Key components are easily replaceable if needed. Plus, leasing programs provide 24/7 maintenance and servicing from the Bear Robotics team.

Can the robots be customized?

Yes, Airpuria encourages the customization of robots. The interactive face screens can be branded and programmed to display content. In addition, you can also wrap your robot or add stickers to match your brand identity.

How much space do the robots require?

These compact robots take up minimal space. Each model has a small footprint comparable to a folding chair.

Can multiple floors or robots be supported?

Absolutely. The Servi Lift seamlessly integrates with elevators. For large spaces, multiple robots can network together. Bear Robotics technicians handle multi-robot planning and setup.

Add your name to the waitlist for the chance to be the first to get Servi Life for your business - Servi Lift Waitlist.

Start Automating Your Business Now with a Lease

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Are you ready to schedule a free consultation with an Airpuria leasing specialist? Our team stands by to guide you through selecting the perfect robot for your business and answer any additional questions you may have.

Flexible Leasing Makes Service Robots Accessible

Don’t let high upfront costs deter you from automating. Airpuria offers flexible leasing options that allow you to acquire these incredible robots with:

  • Low monthly payments starting at $599

  • Terms from 12 to 36 months

  • Maintenance and servicing included

  • 24/7 technical support

Leasing through Airpuria supplies you with the robot you need at a manageable price point scaled for your business. There's no large lump investment required.

Get Started with a Free Consultation

To explore leasing options for the Servi, Servi Plus, Servi Lift, or a custom solution, contact the Airpuria team at:

The Airpuria leasing specialists will work with you to determine the perfect robot and lease terms to meet your needs. Pre-approvals take 1-3 days so you can quickly bring modern automation to your business.

Transform your hospitality or food service operation with a leased delivery robot from Airpuria's website. Now is the time to put these cutting-edge robots to work improving your output, service, and efficiency.

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