We Ranked the Best Air Purifiers for 2022 — Here’s What We Found

We Ranked the Best Air Purifiers for 2022 — Here’s What We Found

We’re all well-aware that in general, air quality has been declining for quite a while now thanks to the rising amount of air pollution and the drastic increase in climate change. This outdoor pollution can easily make it indoors, creating a home or office environment where the air is filled with particles and pollutants. For many people all over the world (us included), this is making our lungs work harder than ever!

Nobody likes to feel stifled in their own homes. So let’s all be grateful for technologies like air cleaners, purifiers, and humidifiers. Such equipment lets you enjoy pure air at all times, making them a worthy addition to your homes, offices, and other spaces.

This blog will inform you about the basics of an air purifier and list the best air purifiers for your home or office. Let’s get started!

Everything You Should Know About Air Purifiers 

A large variety of equipment is available to enhance the indoor air quality of your home or office and protect your health. They work in different ways to achieve the same result: clean air. 

People use the following equipment to purify their air, often without even knowing that they’re different machines.

  • Air Cleaners: They remove air-borne pollutants through filtration techniques.

  • Air Purifiers: They use more advanced processes (like ultraviolet light, ionization, or ozone generation) to get rid of air pollutants, toxins, and allergens. Some air purifiers also feature different types of air filters.
  • Air Humidifier/Diffuser: These devices are the opposite of air cleaners and purifiers. An air purifier removes contamination from the air, while a diffuser adds tiny particles of moisture and beneficial essential oils to create a pleasant and easy-to-breathe atmosphere. 

Some noteworthy benefits of air purifiers include the following: they prevent you from developing seasonal allergies, reduce pet odors, relieve symptoms of asthma, increase life expectancy, remove harmful radon, reduce stress, and promote overall better respiratory health. 

It is important to note: Although air purifiers can make a drastic improvement to your indoor air quality, air purifiers alone cannot remove all unfavorable particles in your home or office. This is because pollutants can easily sit on soft and textured surfaces, like furniture, bedding, and carpets. Hence, air purifiers are best used in conjunction with other preventive and corrective measures for cleaner air. 

Before moving on to the list of best air purifiers handpicked specifically for you and your needs, let’s take a brief look at the different types of air purifiers available in the market. 

What Types of Air Purifiers Are There?

How well an air purifier cleans the air depends on the type of air purifier you use. We can categorize different kinds of air purifiers based on two factors.

Use of Technology: Some purifiers are based on different air filters that trap pollutants when the air passes through them. Others emit negative ions that attract the air-borne positive ions to neutralize them.  This eliminates the need for filters. 

Size: Small portable air purifiers for rooms are enough if you spend the majority of your time there. However, you will need a larger system if you want clean air for your entire home. On the other hand, it takes a bigger and more powerful system to purify the air around a commercial property.


Used air purifier filter

Image Description: Woman holding up a dirty air filter


Types of Technology Used in Air Purifiers

HEPA Technology: High-efficiency particulate air is a technology that filters particles as fine as 0.3 microns (Fun fact: human eyes can only see particles bigger than 10 microns!).

Active Carbon Technology: Air purifiers with active carbon technology work the same way as HEPA air purifiers. The only difference is that their filters are lined with carbon, a highly absorbent material that traps air pollutants as well as harmful gasses effectively. 

UV Light Technology: Instead of getting rid of air-borne particles, a UV-based air purifier targets germs and other microorganisms in the air. The best air purifiers first filter the air with HEPA and activated carbon and then use UV as a final stage of filtration. 

Ionized Technology: An ion refers to a natural particle that has either gained or lost an electron. An oxygen particle that has gained an electron holds a negative charge. These negative ions are used to clean the air by attracting pollutants and causing them to drop to a solid surface.


Best Air Purifiers for Your Home

The first thing to consider when getting an air purifier is the size of your room. Other factors to consider are pets, portability, allergies, and the level of exposure to dust. Based on these considerations, the following are the air purifiers best for your home.

AERIS - Aeris Aair Medical Pro

This brand truly holds up the tradition of Swiss excellence in technology. To make the whole world healthy, the team at Aeris has produced exclusive air purifiers with high-end design and engineering. One of the best air purifiers by this brand is the Aeris Aair Medical Pro.

Aeris Medical Pro comes with premium features like H14 HEPA filtration of fiberglass that catches 99.995% of airborne particles down to .1 micron in size and Swiss antimicrobial coating that kills the pathogens in its zone.

Another feature that makes this product stand out is the Aeris AIQ Sense Technology, an intelligent system that learns your habits and works around them for better results. 

This product is best suited to purify large open rooms between 540 sq. ft. (recommended size) and 1080 sq. ft. (standard size). Plus, the high-precision air filtering process makes it one of the best air purifiers for allergies. 


AUSTIN AIR - Austin Air Healthmate Plus

Did you know this air purifier brand has a love story behind it? The owner’s wife had lifelong respiratory problems that were not getting better with dietary changes or medications. The couple soon realized that contaminated air was the root cause of her condition. 

Mr. Joyce, the pioneer of Austin Air, then went on to design a high-quality filter by combining True Medical HEPA technology and Activated Carbon. 

The filter engineered by him specifically targeted particulate pollutants and chemical toxicity. Austin air purifiers soon became a hit in the national and international markets.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus comes with 60-square feet of True Medical-Grade HEPA filter that catches viruses and bacteria as tiny as 0.1 microns. This high-grade filter also absorbs a wide variety of harmful gasses and chemicals, thanks to its 15-pound-thick layer of active carbon mixed with potassium iodide.

The features mentioned above make Austin Air Healthmate Plus the best option for places and situations involving high exposure to chemicals and gasses, like schools, hospitals, dental clinics, etc.


SHARP - Sharp (FPA80UW) Plasmacluster® Ion Technology Extra-Large Room Air Purifier

Sharp is one of the leading air purifier brands renowned for its use of Plasma cluster technology. 

This technology produces and radiates positive and negative ions similar to what you would find in nature. The ions turn into water after purifying the air and then return to the atmosphere. These ions are safe for the environment no matter how dense they become. 

The Plasma cluster ions effectively inactivate air-borne and adhering viruses, mold, and bacteria as tiny as 0.3 microns. Plus, they also quickly remove smoke odor from the surroundings. 

Let’s talk about the Sharp (FPA80UW) Extra-Large Room Air Purifier, one of the best air purifiers for dust manufactured by this brand.

This device works the best for extra-large rooms of a size up to 502 sq. ft. at 4.8 air changes per hour. With the Sharp App, you can change the settings remotely to control the air quality. Plus, it is compatible with Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices, so you can enjoy the voice control feature. 


STADLER FORM - Stadler Form Roger Little Air Purifier 

Do you have a compact room or office where it gets suffocating to breathe sometimes? Well, Stadler Form has the perfect solution for you: Roger Little Air Purifier. 

Stadler is known for its easy-to-use designs and efficient power consumption. Every product of this brand emerges from a personal need. This is why an air purifier by Stadler is no less than a caring roommate who goes the extra mile for your well-being.

Roger Little Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers near me because of its H12 HEPA and activated carbon filters. These filters stand strong against dust, pollen, smoke, and organic compounds in the air. 

This product is best suited to purify the air in a compact space of up to 355 square feet. Its smart and automatic operation adjusts the cleaning performance according to the room’s condition. 

To check if the machine’s doing its magic, you just have to observe the display light (Blue= Good, Orange=Medium, and Poor=red). 


ALORAIR - Air Scrubber PureAiro - HEPA Pro 970-Orange 

We all love our pets. Having our dog or cat greet us as we enter through the door at the end of a long day of work remains one of the best things to look forward to. But what’s that one thing you would change about them… if you could?

We're going to take a wild guess and say you’d rather them not leave their animalistic odors floating around your homes day-in and day-out. Since we can’t ask them to take a shower, our next best bet is to use the Alorair Air Scrubber PureAiro!

But what makes this specific air purifier your solution to pet odors?

The answer is simple.  The Alorair Air Scrubber PureAiro was designed with advanced UV-C light technology designed specifically to work with HEPA air filters to decompose the remaining odor molecules caused by smoking, cooking, and pets.

Utilizing this innovative UV-C light technology will make sure your home or office space remains free from the annoying odors that can interfere with relaxation and focus.


Best Air Purifiers for Industries

Purifying the air in an industrial area requires something more powerful than the consumer models mentioned above. Strong air purifiers are a must-have for some industries to carry out manufacturing processes or meet environmental standards.

Investing in industrial air purifiers is a big deal for firms because they are capital-intensive assets. Some companies use a huge air circulation and filtration process that turns over the room’s air ten times per minute. Other businesses look for scrubbers, mist collectors, and high-density filters to control the quality of air leaving their premises. 


FILTR - FILTR Revolution RX - Medical Grade & Industrial Air Purifier

Doesn’t the name ‘Revolution’ say it all? FILTR air purifiers are truly a revolution in the air purification industry!

Revolution is a line-up of industrial-grade air purifiers by FILTR that bring cleanroom air into any environment. So, what is a cleanroom? A room with low or zero particles where essential goods of our everyday lives are manufactured.  

FILTR Revolution RX - Medical Grade & Industrial Air Purifier is designed to fight off air and surface pollutants. Equipped with a cleanroom-grade HEPA filter, this machine is fit for surgery rooms and pharmaceutical industries. 

With a removal efficiency of 99.78% down to 0.023 microns, this air purifier can mitigate the symptoms of respiratory problems like nasal stuffiness, sneezing, and coughing. Plus, you can integrate this product with your existing HVAC system too.


BSE - The BA-1000 Ion Distribution System

What makes this brand stand out is its advanced ionization technology! The ionization units of this brand are designed and manufactured to produce strong ions that fight the pathogens in your breathing zone. They spread the ions over a larger area compared to the traditional, HVAC-style ionization units.

Here, we will talk about the BA-1000 Ion Distribution System, a game-changing air purification unit by BSE. It holds the certifications of UL-2998 and UL-867, which means that there are no ozone emissions involved.  You can set up this unit independently or connect it to your existing HVAC system.

The ions produced by this system last long enough to correspond precisely to the room’s breathing zones. Also, it comes with aeroacoustic discharge ports that spread millions of ions in the breathing zones and remove all kinds of air pollutants. 

P.S. You will love its six-speed Bluetooth wireless remote!


ALORAIR - PureAiro HEPA MAX 770 Green Industrial Air Scrubber

One thing that really stood out to us about this particular unit was how it stacks up to its competitors.  Alorair created the PureAiro HEPA Max 770 with commercial spaces in mind. The larger, more effective, and more efficient filters stomp out competitor brands in terms of air filtration.

This system uses activated carbon to target and remove larger particles from your breathing space, while its HEPA filter cleans the air of airborne pollutants and chemicals. Some of these include pollen, plant spores, mold spores, and pet dander.

This industrial air purifier is the perfect air purification solution for homes, schools, pet businesses, medical settings, healthcare environments, hospitals, and other light industrial settings.

Since this air purifier is portable, you can seamlessly transition between different spaces!

P.S. We know this was a lot of information to take into consideration. Even though we organized each air purifier into specific categories, we know that your needs might not be limited to just one. If you have any questions at all, one of our trained specialists with a passion for clean air will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction and help you choose an air purifier that meets your needs perfectly. You can tap into the chat box on the bottom right, or give us a call!

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