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5 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Should Employ Server Robots!

It's no secret that technology generally changes an industry as it progresses. The food service industry is no different!

Companies such as Bear Robotics and Miso Robotics have been developing useful restaurant robots that have been helpful to many restaurant owners already. From serving customers to carrying dirty dishes, these robots have many uses.

If you are a restaurant owner that wants to bring your restaurant into the future and improve efficiency, keep reading to learn more about how restaurant robots can benefit your restaurant.

1: They Help Provide Exceptional Service

A Servi Mini delivering food to customers.

Robot waiters, such as the Servi and Servi Mini from Bear Robotics, are extremely helpful and can take tasks away from your human employees, making their jobs easier. Some of these tasks include:

  • Delivering food

  • Washing dirty dishes

By taking these tasks away from your human employees, they have more time to provide exceptional service to your customers. Robot servers can also improve efficiency, meaning customers get their food faster and are more satisfied.

In an industry that is supposed to prioritize customers above all else, the presence of robots provides a unique opportunity for restaurants to provide a more authentic and human experience to diners.

Diner Experience

The benefits of server robots go beyond just making employees' jobs easier. With more time on their hands, your servers can meet and greet, go over the menu in-depth with diners, tend to refills and requests, or sing happy birthday.

These interactions are the type of experiences that are irreplaceable and will keep customers returning to the establishment.

2: They Are Efficient

A Servi service robot delivering food to guests.

Bear Robotics' robot waiter, Servi, is incredibly efficient and is capable of running for 12 hours on a 4-hour charge. Servi also comes equipped with a multi-robot mode that allows two robots, or a fleet, to communicate and work together in the same restaurant.

For those restaurants that have multiple robot servers, workers are able to spend more time doing tasks that robots cannot do - such as having meaningful interactions with guests!

Affordable and Sustainable

The future of robots in the restaurant industry is incredibly bright. From servers to line cooks, robots will play an integral role in the day-to-day operation of many restaurants.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, the presence of robots in the service industry will offer many benefits. These benefits include reduced costs of food items and less food waste.

Food waste is not the only thing that robots can help negate during the preparation process. Another common factor, food safety, is also greatly improved when using robots in the kitchen.

Inventory Management and Training

Due to the nature of the industry, many restaurants experience high turnover, especially during the holidays. The typical time it takes to train these new hires can quickly build up into a sunken cost if they exit the company.

By using robots, a portion of this cost can be negated because of the lack of training required by them. The time that managers spend on the hiring process is also able to be spent elsewhere, especially considering that Bear Robotics will come and set up your entire fleet of Servi robots at no extra charge.

3: Customizable To Fit The Needs Of Every Restaurant

Two Servi robots side by side.

Robot servers are incredibly customizable. They come in different sizes and can be equipped to perform certain tasks. They are also programmed with your restaurant in mind and learn the floor plan to help them navigate while carrying food.

How Do They Operate

By learning the restaurant's layout, robot waiters can navigate the dining room while delivering food without the worry of being in the way or preventing customers from navigating to and from their tables.

These machines use LiDar and multiple cameras to safely move around the restaurant without running into tables, workers, or guests. When activated, the multi-robot mode can also help avoid collisions with other Servi units. Learn more about how Servi and the Servi Mini navigate here.


Restaurant robots track a robust amount of analytical data. This data allows restaurant owners to customize their machines to increase productivity and optimize them for their environment.

Servi and Servi Mini provide 24/7 analytics and monitoring. In addition, Bear Robotics and Airpuria offer 24/7 customer support to help maintain your robot. Learn more here.

4: Robot Servers Are Helping Ease Labor Shortages

A Servi carries two orders of food to a specific table number.

Wade Allen of Brinker International has said that using robot waiters is essential as working in a restaurant is "harder than ever before."

In addition, robot waiters have helped the restaurant industry during a time when illness and absences have left restaurant owners searching for employees. For companies that have unfilled jobs and unfed customers, service robots can help fill this void.

Labor Shortages Across The Country

One of the major benefits of using a machine is that it can not get sick.

By employing robot waiters, restaurants have been able to lessen the impact of the labor shortage. They are also being used to assist restaurant staff and improve operating costs.

Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling for holidays is one of the most difficult things for restaurant managers. Servi allows employees to be with their families during the holidays while also having coverage at the restaurant!

The usage of Servi and other robots also allows for flexible scheduling to help meet weekly work-hour targets and allows restaurants to be efficient with minimal staff, if necessary.

5: They Are The Future Of The Hospitality Industry

A Servi carries two orders of food to guests in a modern cafe.

The restaurant industry will always continue to modernize in order to provide the best service to diners. This includes more robots, automation, and improved efficiency.

The restaurant of the future will be able to serve more tables and customers, increasing the restaurant's profits and reducing time spent washing dishes, delivering food, and other tasks.

Take a Peek At Your Competition: Rita The Robot

Rita the Robot, a similar robot to Servi, is Chili's newly introduced robot server. Rita has been doing so well that the company has expanded her usage to even more restaurants. Chili's has since expanded Rita to 51 new locations, on top of the 10 that were already testing the technology.

The intention of Rita the Robot was to make it "just easier for people to want to work in a restaurant," according to Wade Allen, SVP of Innovation at Brinker International. The unique dining experience that Rita provides has driven more diners into the restaurant.

Essential Points to Remember

  • Server robots can help provide exceptional service by taking over tasks such as delivering food and washing dishes, allowing human employees to focus on customer interactions.

  • Robots like Servi and Servi Mini are highly efficient, customizable, and can work together in multi-robot mode for larger restaurants.

  • Restaurant robots can help ease labor shortages, allowing for flexible scheduling and coverage during holidays or peak hours.

How To Lease Servi For Your Dining Room

Image showing how to lease Servi at Airpuria.

If you are looking for the best robot waiter then you have come to the right place. You can find both the Servi and Servi Mini from Bear Robotics at Airpuria! Servi and the Servi Mini are fully capable and efficient server robots that will take your restaurant into the future.

When you lease a unit, members of the Bear Robotics staff will help to familiarize you with the robot's user-friendly controls. Once leased, Bear Robotics will deliver Servi to your restaurant AND set everything up for you. Bear Robotics will come for around 2-3 days and help with:

  • Digitally mapping Servi to your restaurant.

  • Training your staff to use Servi to the fullest.

  • Optimizing & configuring Servi to work best for meeting your restaurant's goals.

Although the experts provide you with all of the necessary training to operate your AI robot, you can seek assistance from the company's customer service department anytime. If you want to explore different Servi models, visit our Servi collection page for everything you need to know.

Contact Airpuria | Restaurant Owners Need Servi

Airpuria's Logo Servi Service Robot.

Many restaurant owners are embracing technology and hiring robot waiters in order to maintain a successful business model. These robots can help reduce operating expenses while also offering better customer services to both employees and contractors.

For restaurant managers who want to empower their staff and usher in a new era of service, there is irrefutable value to be found in restaurant robots. The lower operating costs and improved guest experience are enough for many restaurant owners to take the plunge into robotics.

When you want the best robots in the food business, the Servi and Servi Mini are the best choices to bring a unique atmosphere to your restaurant.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us through the following channels:

You can either give us a call at (773) 337-8822,

Or, create an inquiry with us via email.

We're looking forward to speaking with you!

Your Questions Answered | Robots Delivering Food?

An image indicating the loading of dishes and frequently asked questions below.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Robot Waiters?

Robot waiters benefit the restaurant business in multiple ways. The ability to deliver food and make workers' jobs easier makes them valuable for restaurant owners.

By taking tasks that take large amounts of time behind the scenes away from servers, they can focus more on the guest experience. In turn, this means that guests are more likely to return to that location, despite what competition may exist in the area.

They can also lower operating costs, resolve staffing issues, and improve efficiency.

Have Other Restaurants Started Using Robot Waiters?

Yes, Chili's introduced a robot waiter of their own. The robot is named Rita, named after Chili's famous margaritas. Rita the Robot has several responsibilities, including guiding guests to their tables, delivering food, carrying dishes, and singing happy birthday. Rita can be found in over 50 Chili's restaurants across the United States.

Meanwhile, restaurants in other cities, such as Dallas and Las Vegas, are also employing these robots in their restaurants. While Chili's may have been one of the first to discover the usefulness of robots in the workplace, they will definitely not be the only one who does so.

How Much Does A Robot Server Cost?

Robot servers, such as the Servi, cost around $850 for a 12-month lease. Similar models, like the Servi Mini, cost roughly the same price but offer different functionality or can perform different functions.

Airpuria offers a way for restaurants to lease their Servi robot. Leases come in 12, 24, and 26-month quantities and allow restaurants the opportunity to spread out the initial cost of implementing server robots.

After leasing the robot, Bear Robotics will set up a consultation to integrate and optimize the Servi robot. This includes digitally mapping Servi to the restaurant, training staff to use Servi to the fullest, and optimizing Servi to work best for meeting the goals of the restaurant.

After initial setup, Bear Robotics provides 24/7 support to ensure that there are no issues. They are also available to train staff with a basic understanding, of remote control operation, setting different instructions, and other variables of running Servi in the restaurant.

What are the features of the Servi and Servi Mini?

The Servi and Servi Mini are both fully-featured server robots with the ability to carry food, serving as a bussing station with one click, and dishes to and from the dining room. The Servi is capable of carrying 66 lbs and can run for up 12 hours on a single battery.

The Servi and Servi Mini can also be customized to fit your restaurant's unique floor plan and specific needs. They can also be equipped with trays and bus tubs to provide specific services.

Interested in improving performance? The Servi features a robust dashboard where you can manage and optimize performance whenever necessary.

Important Takeaways

  • Robots are the future of the hospitality industry, with the potential to increase profits, reduce operating costs, and improve the overall guest experience.

  • Companies like Chili's have already started using robot waiters like Rita the Robot, which has been successful in improving customer service and driving more diners into the restaurant.

  • Leasing options are available for server robots like Servi and Servi Mini, with providers like Airpuria offering financing options for individuals and businesses.

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