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5 Ways Servi From Bear Robotics Is Changing The Future Of Robots!

Since the dawn of time, humans have been completing tasks manually without any sort of robot sidekicks involved. From moving heavy objects to transporting food from one place to another, we had to do it all — until now!

Today, there's a new wave of service robots being developed that can help you on your journey through everyday life.

Servi robots are the next step in the evolution of service robotics, and our friends over at Bear Robotics are developing them for you! The 41-inch tall (Servi) and 39-inch (Servi mini) robots, named Servi by their inventors, can perform a wide variety of tasks for you around your house and restaurant and even make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities to stay in their own homes longer. 

On top of that, Servi robots are designed to be both easy to use and affordable, as well as customizable to fit any home or business environment. So what exactly can you do with your very own Servi robot?

Overview of Servi Robots — the Service Robots

California-based Bear Robotics - Servi robots in a restaurant serving food.

Bear Robotics has created a new line of service robots called Servi. These robots are designed to help you with every day serving tasks. These include distributing food or drugs from one point to the other. 

They're extremely intelligent, return to their workstations at the end of their shift, and can be controlled via an app on your iPhone. These robots will be a great addition to anyone's household or business.

5 Ways Servi From Bear Robotics is Changing the Future of Robots

Servi is the first robotic companion designed to help serve in your home or restaurant. It features an array of high-tech lidar sensors that allows it to easily navigate your house or restaurant and complete its assigned task.

So, how is Servi changing the future?

1. Service Robots Are More Affordable Than Ever

Servi robot from the Venture capital firm founded California-based startup aims at service robot.

Servi robots are designed to be affordable, easy to use, and safe for people without a lot of technology experience.

With their help, you can make your everyday lives easier by doing simple tasks requiring employees. If you have a restaurant, you should consider contacting Airpuria about Servi.

For businesses who want to adopt Service Robots, Airpuria offers a range of customization options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a short-term or long-term solution, we have a Servi unit that fits your needs.

To get started, visit our website and apply for the Service Robot of your choice. After leasing your desired unit, Bear Robotics' team of experts will provide on-site integration and optimization services. This includes mapping Servi to your restaurant, training your staff on how to use it, and configuring it to best meet your business goals!

Click here to check out Servi the Service Robot!

2. Service Robots Are More Reliable Than Ever

Image of a group of Servi robots helping to deliver food.

The Servi Robot has been developed to be more innovative and reliable than previous robots. The robot's versatility in applications makes it a significant player in the coming age of automation and artificial intelligence.

As technological innovation improves, Servi will continue to evolve alongside it, making our lives easier with more intelligent technology.

3. Service Robots Are More User-Friendly Than Ever

Image illustrating the ease of Servi robots for non-technical people.

Robots are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society, but for many people, they still seem like rare and inaccessible devices. They're often seen as expensive and complicated to use, with a steep learning curve. But what if they became much more accessible?

That's exactly what Bear Robotics is doing with their new product, Servi. This small robot is designed for people who want to explore robotics without any previous experience or technical knowledge and even use them to improve their businesses!

Unlike traditional robots, you don't need an engineering degree to use one — all you need is curiosity.

It comes equipped with sensors that tell it how much space it has to move around, making it safer for kids because it can stop if anything gets too close. And not only does Servi do some tricks when it bumps into something, but it also speaks different languages so anyone can understand this robot.

The battery lasts up to 12 hours per charge, so you can get Servi services in your restaurant during the day and worry less about running out of power before closing the business at night.

4. Service Robots Are More Adaptable Than Ever

Servi Robot serving in different environments.

Servi from Bear Robotics is revolutionizing the robotics industry by making them more adaptable to different environments. This means that restaurants using robots can change their service lines without getting a new robot, saving valuable time and money.

They're making them smarter: Servi's AI system will know where the best placement spot is for objects picked up from its bin-picking task. Plus, its self-diagnostic capabilities mean that should there ever be a malfunction, it can self-identify the problem, making solution-finding simple.

5. Service Robots Are More Efficient Than Ever

Image of a company relying on technology - food service robot Servi

In today's society, people are becoming increasingly reliant on their smartphones. That's why we are so excited about the fact that restaurant owners and managers can connect to their Servi service robot through an app on their phones! We couldn't be more excited about this amazing breakthrough and can't wait to see how things progress as time goes on.

The Features of Servi Robot from Bear Robotics?

Household goods maker iris enjoys the features of Servi robots - food service robots helped reduce supply chain pressures and improved efficiency.

Check out some of these amazing features for the Servi service robot made by Bear Robotics!

100% Self-Driving

Bear robotics makes Servi robots that are 100% self-driving. They have an advanced LiDar sensor, multiple cameras, and other features allowing them to operate smoothly. They navigate through the spaces safely, intelligently, and at ease.

The robot is designed for indoor use only but with its easy-carry bus tub, you can take it outside or on vacation. It also comes with an app so you can see seamlessly connect and interact with your robots. There’s no need for supervision when Servi food service robots go about their daily tasks.

Multi-Robot Mode

Servi is a multi-purpose robot that can be used for various different applications. It has a variety of sensors to help it navigate and find locations. Servi also has advanced obstacle detection that can help it avoid obstacles in its way. You can create a synchronized fleet with no collisions.

Auto Return

Servi is designed to make life a little easier by automating some mundane tasks. It knows when it's time to return after delivering items and can do so autonomously. This means that you don't have to worry about getting up to retrieve your package. After it arrives, you can remove the food and then head back to the kitchen to drop dirty dishes. This is possible because of its internal weight sensors that will detect you have delivered the package.

Former McDonalds chief executive speaks highly of Servi robots for the funding round - important to food services & restaurant industry labour shortages.

Extended Battery Life

Servi is a self-charging robot that has an extended battery life of 12 hours. Bear Robotics charges their robots in 4 hours which allows them to operate for 12 hours... and you can do the same thing!


Servi is a small, personal robot that you can place anywhere in your home to make life easier. With its free app, you can customize Servi to fit in with your floor plan, which means it won't need to roam around or bump into things.

Servi is designed with safety in mind so that it won't fall down stairs when carrying something. It also senses obstacles and won't bump into anything, so there's no risk of getting injured.

24/7 Monitoring and Analytics

Servi robot is always on the clock, and that’s why 24/7 monitoring and analytics are important. The team at Bear Robotics has put years of research into their software, and the result is a dashboard that helps you manage and optimize performance with an easy-to-use interface. All this analytics information is stored securely in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing anything in a disaster situation.

Expert Advice on Using Servi Robots

To make the most out of your Servi robot, consider these helpful tips:

  1. Ensure proper training for your staff on how to operate and maintain the Servi robot.

  2. Customize the robot's settings to fit your specific business environment and needs.

  3. Regularly monitor and analyze the robot's performance for optimal efficiency.

  4. Keep the robot's software up-to-date to benefit from the latest features and enhancements.

  5. Have a designated charging station for your Servi robot to ensure it's always ready for action.

Airpuria's Conclusion | Servi Robotics

Servi has been a major innovation in robotics and will continue to change how we interact with robots. Bear Robotics has made huge strides in the field and continues to innovate. We cannot wait to see what they come up with next, but one thing is sure: it will be innovative, forward-thinking, and disruptive.

If you need a reliable change to the future of robots, Servi is the ultimate solution. Get in touch with us today!

Interested in learning more about Servi? Airpuria has all the information you need, and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions!

You can either call us at (773) 337-8822 or send us an email at Talk to you soon!

FAQ: Servi Robots From Bear Robotics

SoftBank's robotics arm displays them - Waitering robot rollout - Softbank-backed Bear Robotics - Servi food service robot vs the Servi Mini from Bear Robotics.

Bear Robotics is the leading provider of service robots worldwide, but only some know the possibilities of how they work or how to use them effectively. Fortunately, we've put together this FAQ to answer any questions you might have about service robots and how they can help your business be more efficient. Please contact Airpuria if you have any additional questions.

What are service robots?

Service robots are a new kind of robot that uses artificial intelligence to help with everyday tasks. They're designed to help people in small ways, like by reminding them about an upcoming doctor's appointment or making dinner.

One of the best parts about service robots is that they can be rented and used for short periods (as opposed to buying a robot outright). Suppose you want to start a restaurant; you can contact Airpuria to lease Servi robots at a low rate.

These robots are easy to use in your restaurant, saving your business thousands of dollars a month.

What are the benefits of using service robots?

Service robots can perform tasks humans can't do, such as operating in hazardous environments and providing assistance when disaster strikes. Their flexibility allows businesses to allocate resources based on the needs of their customers and employees.

The modern service robot is intelligent enough to interact with people in a way that makes them feel safe while still being able to complete various tasks.

Service robots are also beneficial because they can be programmed to operate autonomously or according to a series of predetermined commands.

Lastly, service robots don't need breaks, sick days, vacation days, or salaries - they simply work as long as they're charged!

Who needs Servi robots?

Servi robots are designed to help with various tasks, from transporting food in a restaurant to assisting the elderly. They are perfect for anyone who needs extra help around the house or someone who needs some assistance in their workplace.

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