A Servi service robot handing food and snacks in the hotel lobby.

Servi Robots Just Changed the Hotel Industry Forever!

FINALLY - Bear Robotics has taken a bold initiative by adding highly advanced AI service robots into the hotel and hospitality industry!

Servi robots are capturing the attention of restaurant owners and customers alike. Bear Robotics has introduced a range of Servi robots to cater to hospitality task management needs. From restaurant tables to hotel rooms, Servi is the effective and innovative next step in serving customers effectively.

Introducing AI to the hotel and hospitality industry is a much-appreciated gesture that has been sought-after for some time. Hotels often make minimal use of technology to carry out their daily operations.

Servi is here to change that. While the use of modern technology is limited to point-of-sale devices and customer management software, Servi is setting new trends in the customer-interaction market. 

Using AI robots in the hospitality management industry can revolutionize the customer service experience - which should be every hotel's main goal. By making a relatively small investment, restaurants and hotels can improve customers' dining experience ten fold. 

How Can Hotels Improve Their Room Service With Servi? 

Calling room service can sometimes be frustrating for consumers. You may have to wait for a few minutes before the room service staff arrives for your help. The quality of room service has been a prominent concern for hotel guests for many years.

Adding Servi Lift into your customer service arsenal can ease these problems for hotel owners and guests alike. 

Servi Lift By Bear Robotics

Servi Lift has ample storage space to store dishes and other items while moving between different hotel floors. These AI room-service robots can assist staff in delivering food to hotel rooms — greatly increasing customer satisfaction. Hotel owners can improve their room service quality by employing Servi robots on each floor for quick service - while reducing costs immensely.

Fun fact: The Marriott in Fort Lauderdale is one of the first massive hotel chains to employ Servi - click here for this eye opening article.

Currently, hotels hire professional staff to respond to room service prompts. Higher quality hotels offer timely assistance to each occupied room with designated staff for each floor. While this might be acceptable for hotels with a larger budget, an excess number of team members may not be the best fit for hotels with hundreds of rooms on each floor. Such places require additional expert assistance to satisfy customers on time. 

This expert assistance can be easily provided in the form of Servi.

Servi plays an influential role in large hotels. These robot units can single-handedly manage the room service needs of many different hotel floors. For example, if a hotel floor has fifty rooms, hotel owners can split the room service tasks between Servi units and hotel staff to offer prompt assistance. 

While some people may enjoy going to the hotel restaurant (where Servi can also make a huge difference), many like to order their food directly to their hotel rooms. It may be difficult for the room service staff to take large orders between floors alone. However, using Servi to do the job can save time and effort while assisting hotel staff so they can provide the best customer service possible! The room staff can place the food dishes on the trays and send them to the room, freeing up their time for other human-required tasks!

Servi Lift has an elevator integration system which means...

It can move between floors using the elevators. The intelligent sensors allow Servi to move into an elevator, wait for the door to open, and leave.

The front, back, and inside of a Servi Lift service robot by Bear Robotics.

Another advantage of using AI robots like Servi is consistency. Many people show concerns regarding the consistency of room service quality. Such issues arise due to the shortage of staff, time management issues, and gaps in communication. Servi eliminates these annoying issues by assisting in consistent service every time. 

Hospitality management staff can supervise the operation of the AI robots to ensure correct order delivery without having to actually take the trip and be away from their posts. They can also employ more units on the same floor depending upon the number of occupied rooms. 

Apart from room service needs, Servi robots can be of great help in hotel bars and dining areas. By employing Servi units in the bar and restaurant areas, they can automate various operations, including food service and returning the dishes to the washing area. 

Mass Service Capabilities of Servi Plus 

This heavy-duty AI model known as Servi Plus has the potential to manage mass service tasks in restaurants. If you had too many guests coming for dinner, you'd no longer have to worry about the shortage of your table-waiting staff. Servi Plus provides you with a storage capacity of 10+ dishes. The expanded payload power offered by this model also makes a huge difference. 

Banquet Halls

Servi Plus is also an excellent choice for banquet halls and formal gatherings. It can ease the burden by taking large orders to the tables safely. If you have many guests, you can use multiple units to serve the food on time.

Formal Gatherings

You can also use it for confidential meetings. Such gatherings often have security problems. The event managers employ massive security to ensure an interruption-free event. Hiring food servers can be risky for high-profile, confidential meetings. However, Servi robot units can save you the hassle while eliminating the need for additional staff. 

Bar Sections

If your hotel has a bar, Servi is able to help with that too. The bartender can serve items with the assistance of Servi units. Stable movement and accurate sensors make it super convenient to rely on AI robots. You can easily send your items to their designated tables without making the guest wait for too long!

A Servi robot helping with drinks at the hotel bar.

You can also opt for different Servi models to cater to the needs of other areas in large gatherings. For example, if you want to serve large orders for VIP tables, Servi Plus can help you carry more dishes at once. This will happen at the same time that your Servi Lift is serving food to people sitting in the gallery.

The Servi Mini is a great option for a personal waiter to receive food orders and return dirty dishes. All Servi models can help ensure a smooth, clean, and flawless hospitality experience. 

Servi Plus AI bot is an excellent choice for larger and busier restaurants. It can perform food serving tasks efficiently. Apart from its expanded capacity, Bear Robotics Servi Plus units have advanced LiDAR sensors for nimble and error-free navigation. You can depend on your Servi Plus to manage huge gatherings like Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and other occasions. 

Here's Why Hotels Need Servi For Beating Their Competition 

Servi is becoming immensely popular around the globe. Especially in the U.S., restaurants are starting to switch to automated technology for food serving tasks. Restaurant goers like the novelty idea of restaurants with robot servers. Also, the cost-effectiveness of Servi robots is attracting tons of attention from business owners in the hotel and hospitality industry. 

Servi AI robot helping with food and snacks in the banquet hall of a hotel.

Especially now — Hotels are frequently at the risk of losing potential customers due to bad reviews. One bad review can make an enormous difference for the perception of your hotel. There are many reasons why these bad reviews may flood in. One of the factors is a lack of customer service. If customers have to wait for their order for hours, they will most likely never return for another experience while also leaving a bad review - doing double the damage. 

Similarly, if food quality isn't up to par, customers may return it and leave a bad review on a hotel's business profiles - such as Yelp and Google (and we all know how important those can be).

Losing reputation in the hotel and hospitality management industry can seem like an uphill battle. People are highly conscious about where they eat and sleep. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, you may consider using Servi AI service robots in your hotel. 

The international Servi AI robot helping with food running for the hotel which made its start in Japan.

AI robots like Servi can change the image of your hotel as a whole, solidifying your hotel's good reputation. The use of robots fascinates people around the world. Most people enjoy interacting with human-friendly robots. Servi's food serving capabilities make it a pleasant surprise for most people.

Popularity of Servi Robots

Currently, Servi is quickly gaining popularity among high-end restaurants and hotels. But Servi is not limited to those with a massive budget. Robot servers can also meet the needs of smaller hotels because of their highly affordable rate. Most owners in the hotel industry should now be considering the option of leasing Servi robots because of their affordable and customizable financing and leasing plans. Airpuria has made it easy for hotel owners to opt for Servi.

The Servi AI robot helping with hotel food service, ranked better than the pepper robot from softbank according to latest news.

You can explore the many financing and leasing options by clicking here.

Servi Service Robot for the Hotel Kitchen 

If you were wondering whether or not you can use Servi inside your hotel kitchen area, the answer is a resounding yes.

Hotel restaurants sometimes face issues inside the kitchen due to the shortage of their cooking staff. Servi service robots can benefit both hotel goers and kitchen staff by helping to move more dishes to the dish area, assisting with food running, and more.

Generally, hotel restaurant kitchens have a head chef with assistants to carry out the cooking tasks. When the chef has to work alone, it can increase the cooking hours while increasing the time it takes for the food to get to its destination. Servi can fill in the gaps and help deliver more food, faster. This can help aid in the preservation of pristine food quality for your guests!

How Servi Helps

Using Servi in the kitchen allows your Chef the extra time and headspace to cook meals more efficiently. Chefs can use Servi to easily move food items and ingredients to other areas. They can also help with clearing workstations by delivering the dirty containers to the washing area. The dish cleaning staff can place the clean containers on Servi and send them back to the chef.

Servi AI robots can provide perfect assistance to a hotel that is understaffed. Servi units can also meet the demands of smaller hotel restaurants. Such eating places can use one or two units to manage the sitting and cooking areas separately. 

Bear Robotics Will Set Servi Up

When you lease a unit, members of the Bear Robotics staff will help to familiarize you with the robot's user-friendly controls. Once leased, Bear Robotics will deliver Servi to your restaurant AND set everything up for you. Bear Robotics will come for around 2-3 days and help with:

  • Digitally mapping Servi to your restaurant.

  • Training your staff to use Servi to the fullest.

  • Optimizing & configuring Servi to work best for meeting your restaurant's goals.

Although the experts provide you with all of the necessary training to operate your AI robot, you can seek assistance from the company's customer service department anytime. If you want to explore different Servi models, visit our Servi collection page for everything you need to know.  

Servi Service Robots for Hotels — Our Final Thoughts

Servi by Bear Robotics has changed the way hotels work. This service robot can greatly assist with time management issues while performing flawless room service tasks for multiple floors in your hotel. Whether you need it for room service management, kitchen management, or assisting the tables in your hotel restaurant or bar, this top-of-the-line AI service robot can do it all.

The introduction of AI in the hospitality industry was a much-awaited move. Restaurateurs and hotel owners can minimize staffing challenges by leasing Servi units at cost-effective plans. Many would think that a full-time service robot would be expensive, but its actually the opposite! Not only will you save money with the entire venture, but the long term cost savings are impressive as well.

The company Bear Robotics allows its customers to finance their AI robot units. Start your high-end hotel journey by opting for one of the many suitable financing solutions. 

The AI robots market is currently growing quickly on a global scale. Hotels can take advantage of this situation to build and maintain their promising reputation in this highly competitive market.

It may not be long until every hotel in the U.S. owns Servi. If you want to be one of the trendsetters, now is your time to join in on the fun.

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