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Cold Plunge Tub for Sale (Free Shipping!)

 A cold plunge tub can be a game-changing addition for anyone looking to reap the many benefits of cold therapy.

At Airpuria, we are proud authorized distributors of high-quality cold plunge tubs for sale that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These innovative cold plunge tubs provide a convenient way to experience the health perks of brief cold water immersion right at home.

What is a Cold Plunge Tub?

A Medical Frozen™ ice bath tub for indoor or outdoor use.

A cold plunge tub is a large basin filled with cold water that allows full-body immersion. It's essentially a small pool engineered to maintain cold temperatures, usually 50-60°F.

Cold plunge tubs are sometimes referred to as ice bath tubs or plunge pools. They provide a controlled way to experience cold water therapy through brief, repetitive immersions.

The tubs contain built-in cooling systems and filtration to preserve clean, crisp cold water ready for use anytime. You simply fill it up, set the desired temperature, and it will stay chilled.

The Many Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

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Brief cold water immersion offers an array of evidence-based health benefits. Here are some of the top ways it can improve your physical and mental well-being:

  • Increases Blood Circulation - The cold causes blood vessels to constrict before expanding, increasing blood flow. This improves circulation and provides a surge of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

  • Reduces Inflammation - The cold temperatures decrease inflammation, especially helpful for sore muscles and joints after exercise.

  • Boosts Immunity - Frequent cold immersion has been shown to activate the immune system, helping you fight sickness.

  • Promotes Weight Loss - Cold water prompts the body to burn more calories to warm itself back up. It also boosts metabolism.

  • Improves Sleep - Cold exposure before bed can help you fall asleep faster and enhance sleep quality.

  • Eases Stress - The controlled shock of cold water triggers the release of feel-good endorphins. It also helps build resilience to daily stresses.

  • Enhances Mood - In addition to endorphins, cold immersion increases key neurotransmitters tied to mood like norepinephrine.

With routine use, you're likely to experience better energy levels, mental clarity, workout recovery, and an overall sense of well-being.

Cold Plunge Tub Features

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Airpuria's selection of cold plunge tubs comes equipped with convenient features to provide an optimal cold immersion experience:

Precise Temperature Control - An integrated digital control panel lets you dial in your desired water temperature down to the degree.

Effective Filtration - Multi-stage filtration removes contaminants for clean, refreshing water.

Weatherproof - Durable exterior materials allow both indoor and outdoor placement.

Plumbing-Free - No special plumbing or electrical requirements, just a standard outlet.

Sanitizing System - Automated purification keeps water sanitized.

Space Saving Design - Compact shape fits most patios, decks, or yards.

With programmable temperature controls and high-quality filtration, cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria are engineered for optimal cold water immersion therapy.

A Range of Cold Plunge Tubs

One of the Medical Frozen™ ice bath tubs offered by Airpuria.

Airpuria offers cold plunge tubs in a range of sizes to match your space and needs:

Standard Tubs

The standard cold plunge tubs accommodate most users up to 6'1" and 275 lbs. They contain approximately 97 gallons of water for full submersion. The compact footprint is perfect for small yards or patios.

X-Large Tubs

For taller or larger individuals, the x-large cold plunge tubs provide more space with dimensions sized for users up to 6'6" and 350 lbs.

Commercial Tubs

The commercial cold plunge tubs are built with extra durable materials to handle frequent daily use. They accommodate users up to 6'7" and 375 lbs and are ideal for gyms, spas, or workplace wellness centers.

No matter which size you choose, cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria have the same innovative features and design to ensure optimal cold water immersion experiences.

Cold Plunge Tub Packages

Airpuria offers customizable cold plunge tub packages so you can create the perfect setup:

Basic Tubs - Contain the cold plunge tub with essential cooling, filtration, and temperature controls.

Tubs + Accessories Kit - Adds convenient accessories like steps and benches.

Tubs + Accessories Kit + Steam Generator - Includes steam generator and essential oils to enhance relaxation before and after your cold plunge.

With these options, you can equip your cold plunge with all the features you need for an ideal at-home spa experience.

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Additional Cold Plunge Tub Extras

A graphic image showing free shipping, ice bath tub financing, an included warranty, and a price match guarantee on cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria.

Here are some other great benefits that come with cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria:

Free Shipping - Enjoy free standard ground shipping to the lower 48 United States.

Financing Available - Those who qualify get up to 18 months of 0% interest financing to split up payments over time.

Price Match Guarantee - Airpuria will match any lower price from competitors.

Airpuria makes owning your own cold plunge tub simple and stress-free. With free shipping, financing, price matching, warranties, and US-based support, you can purchase with total peace of mind.

Choose Your Ideal Cold Plunge Tub

Airpuria offers three main cold plunge tub models to match your needs and space.

The Frozen 3™ Standard Cold Plunge

An image of the Frozen 3™ Standard Cold Plunge tub for sale at Airpuria.

The Frozen 3 standard cold plunge tub is designed for use by most people, up to 6'1" tall and 275 lbs.

It contains approximately 97 gallons of water for full-body immersion. The compact 80" x 34" x 36" footprint makes it perfect for placing in small backyards or patios.

This model comes with all the key features for optimal cold water therapy:

  • Precise digital temperature control

  • Rapid internal cooling system

  • Multi-stage filtration

  • Durable weatherproof construction

  • Plug and play, no plumbing required

The Frozen 3 standard cold plunge is ideal if you want the health benefits of cold immersion therapy but have limited space. It delivers the same innovative technology as the larger models.

The Frozen 6™ X-Large Cold Plunge

An image of the Frozen 6™ X-Large Cold tub for sale at Airpuria.

For a more spacious cold plunge, the Frozen 6 X-Large model offers extra room and water capacity.

With dimensions of 90" x 34" x 39", it can accommodate users up to 6'6" tall and 350 lbs. The tub holds approximately 100 gallons for full immersion.

In addition to the standard features, the Frozen 6 X-Large cold plunge includes:

  • Heavy duty 500 lb access steps

  • Oversized water & weather resistant bar counter for accessories

  • Bonus insulation for increased energy efficiency

If you want more space to move around freely in the cold water, the Frozen 6 X-Large tub provides an optimal experience. It's built with the most innovative cold plunge standards.

The Frozen 9™ Commercial Cold Plunge

An image of the Frozen 9™ Commercial Cold Plunge for sale at Airpuria - perfect for ice baths at home.

For gyms, spas, or anyone wanting a high-capacity cold plunge, the Frozen 9 commercial model is ideal.

Built with extra durability to withstand frequent daily use, this tub accommodates users up to 6'7" tall and 375 lbs.

It shares the same industry-leading features as the other cold plunge tubs, with a few added bonuses:

  • FoamSeal™ Military Grade Insulation for maximum energy efficiency

  • Extra-Rapid Internal Cooling System

  • Infuser for 100% pure natural essential oils

For gyms, spas, or professional training facilities wanting convenient cold immersion bathing, the Frozen 9 commercial cold plunge is engineered to meet the highest demands.

No matter which model you choose, cold plunges offered by Airpuria have the most advanced and innovative cold water immersion experiences. With options for every space and need, you can find the perfect tub to start enjoying the many benefits of cold therapy.

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Transform Your Home into a Personal Spa

One of the best cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria - the Frozen 3™.

A cold plunge tub from Airpuria's website provides an easy, convenient way to make cold water immersion a regular part of your health routine right at home.

With customized temperature controls, efficient cooling systems, and durable construction, cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria deliver optimal cold water therapy experiences.

Experience reduced soreness, improved recovery, better sleep, and an immune system boost, all from the comfort of your own cold plunge hot tub.

Contact the helpful customer service team at Airpuria to find the perfect cold plunge tub to match your needs and start reaping the many benefits today.

Ice Bath Financing For Those Who Qualify

Frequently Asked Questions

How cold does the water get in a cold plunge tub?

The cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria allow you to customize the temperature. Most people set them in the 50-60°F range. This provides the benefits of cold water immersion while still being tolerable.

How long should I stay in a cold plunge tub?

It's recommended to start with short durations of 1-3 minutes and gradually increase up to 5-10 minutes as your body acclimates. Always get out immediately if you feel any discomfort.

Will I go into shock from the cold water?

The cold plunge tubs are designed to provide gradual, controlled cold exposure. As long as you ease into it and don't stay in too long, especially when first starting out, you can avoid any shock response.

Do I need special electrical or plumbing for a cold plunge tub?

Cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria simply plug into a standard 120v household outlet, just like any appliance. They don't require any special electrical work or plumbing.

How often should I use a cold plunge tub?

Most health experts recommend cold water immersion 3-4 times per week to experience the full benefits. The best schedule depends on your personal goals.

How do I keep the water clean in a cold plunge tub?

The cold plunge tubs feature filtration systems to keep the water sparkling clean. They also have automated sanitation systems that continually purify the water.

What kind of maintenance is required for a cold plunge tub?

Cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria are designed to be low-maintenance. The main requirements are periodically changing filters, sanitizer, and draining/refilling the water every 1-2 weeks.

Can I place a cold plunge tub outdoors?

Yes, the durable construction and weatherproof materials allow both indoor and outdoor installation.

What if something breaks - is there a warranty?

All cold plunge tubs offered by Airpuria come with a 3-year warranty. If your cold plunge needs servicing, a Medical Frozen™ technician can assist.

Does it cost a lot to operate a cold plunge tub?

Since Frozen™ cold plunge tubs use 120V with no special electricity required, many customers may notice little change in their utility bills.

Start Your Cold Water Wellness Journey

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Are you ready to take the plunge into better health?

Investing in a cold plunge tub for your home or business allows you to conveniently enjoy the many benefits of cold water immersion therapy anytime.

Experience improved circulation, muscle recovery, immunity boosts, enhanced sleep quality, and renewed energy levels with routine use.

Choose Your Cold Plunge Tub

Airpuria offers a range of cold plunge tub models and sizes:

Standard cold plunge tub - For most users up to 6'1" and 275 lbs

X-large cold plunge tub - With extra space for larger individuals

Commercial cold plunge tub - Built for frequent daily use

Select the size that fits your needs and space. All models include the latest cold water immersion technology.

Customize With Convenient Accessories

Opt for a complete accessories kit to outfit your cold plunge tub, which may include heavy-duty steps and an extra-long weather-resistant counter. For the ultimate experience, get the kit with the relaxing essential oil steam generator to indulge in blissful aromas during your cold plunge.

Order Your Cold Plunge Tub Package

Visit to:

  • Browse all cold plunge tub options

  • Select your preferred model and accessories

  • View financing terms to split up payments

  • Place your order with free shipping and potential discounts

Soon you'll be on your way to better health and wellness with your own in-home cold plunge tub.

Experience reduced inflammation, faster muscle recovery, and improved energy levels with regular use. Contact the helpful customer service team at Airpuria to start your cold water therapy journey today!

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