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Unitree Go2 Pro & Air - 4D Ultra-wide LIDAR & embodied AI Robot

Unitree Go2 Pro & Air - 4D Ultra-wide LIDAR & embodied AI Robot


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In the spirit of technical innovation and industrial leadership, Unitree is coming back! With standard 4D Ultra-wide LIDAR and big model GPT empowerment, a new creature of embodied AI—Unitree Go2 joins you to explore the future world!

Standard Ultra-wide 4D LIDAR upgrades Recongnition system by 200%

Go2 features with Unitree's self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 with 360°x90°hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m, which makes Go2 realise all-terrain recognizing.


Various Actions and poses

Go2 boasts a variety of poses such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, pouncing, and sitting down.


Battery capacity and endurance upgraded by 150%

Go2 is equipped with a battery capacity increased to 8,000mAh, as a 15,000mAh ultra-long life battery is optional, and a voltage increased to 28.8V to improve motor efficiency, power and stability.


Motor performance enhanced by 30%

Go2 boasts a peak joint torque of 45N.m[1], a new internal trace connecting technique, and heat pipe coolers to decrease temperature effectively.

ISS2.0 Intelligent Side-follow System

By adopting the new wireless vector positioning and control technology, the positioning accuracy is technically upgraded by 50%, the remote control distance is over 30m, and combined with the optimised obstacle avoidance strategy, it can make the robot better traverse complex terrain.


Pushing boundaries with technology

Equipped with more high-tech devices



 Go2 Air:

  • Product size: 70cmx31cmx40cm
  • Product material: aluminum alloy + high-strength engineering plastics
  • Overall weight: 15kg (including battery)
  • Power supply voltage: 28V~33.6V
  • Maximum working power: about 3000W
  • Load: about 7kg (limit~10kg)
  • Movement speed: 0~2.5m/s
  • Maximum climbing drop height: about 15cm
  • Maximum climbing slope angle: 30°.
  • Aluminum alloy precision joint motor: 12pcs
  • Knee joint internal alignment
  • Joint heat pipe assisted cooling
  • Extra large joint movement space:
    Fuselage: -48~48°
    Thigh: -200~90°
    Lower leg: -156~-48°"
  • Ultra wide angle 3D LIDAR
  • Wide angle camera
  • Basic sports, dance, etc.
  • Intelligent OTA upgrade
  • APP HD graphic transmission, remote control, all data view
  • APP graphical programming
  • Front lighting (3W)
  • WIFI6 dual-frequency wireless 802.11ax
  • Bluetooth 5.2/4.2/2.1
  • Probe to avoid obstacles
  • Battery type: ordinary (8000mAh)
  • Battery life: 1-2h
  • Charger: ordinary (33.6V 3.5A)
  • Warranty: 6 months 


Go2 Pro:

  • With Go2 Air All configurations
  • Retractable motor-driven reel: better experience of transporting items.
  • High performance octa-core processor
  • Load: about 8kg (limit~10kg)
  • Movement speed: 0~3.5m/s
  • Maximum climbing drop height: about 16cm
  • Maximum Climbing Slope Angle:40°
  •  Basic computing power: 8-core high-performance CPU
  • Maximum joint torque: about 45N.m
  • 4G module Built-in eSIM
  • Voice interaction and command
  • Voice Intercom
  • Music playback (speaker 3W)
  • Intelligent accompaniment
  • Warranty: 1 year

Main Difference Between Go2 Air & Go2Pro 

  • Go2Pro has speaker & voice functioning to control you robot dog vocally 
  • Go2Pro can use Chat GPT function 
  • Go2Pro has companion function 
  • Go2Pro has tracking capability 
  • Go2Pro is faster than Go2Air 

Remote Controller (optional for Go2 Air and Go2 Pro):

  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Charging current: 2A
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Communication mode: digital transmission module, bluetooth
  • Running time: 4.5h
  • Remote control distance: more than 100m

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Customer Reviews

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