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Medical Health Sauna Benefits

 Saunas have been used for health and relaxation purposes for centuries in many cultures around the world. Today, medical research continues to uncover evidence that regular sauna bathing provides numerous health benefits. At Airpuria, we offer a wide selection of traditional, infrared, and hybrid saunas to help you experience the wellness advantages of heat therapy in the comfort of your own home!

Sauna Bathing for Improved Heart Health

Several studies have indicated that regular sauna bathing may provide benefits for cardiovascular health. Frequent sauna use has been associated with a reduced risk of fatal cardiovascular events and sudden cardiac death. One long-term follow-up study found that the risk of hypertension was 46% lower in men who had 4-7 sauna sessions per week. Researchers concluded that sauna bathing may help lower high blood pressure.

Sauna bathing can also contribute to heart health by improving blood vessel function. The high heat causes blood vessels to expand and increases blood flow throughout the body. As an authorized dealer for Enlighten, Medical Breakthrough, and Sunray saunas, Airpuria is able to offer traditional and infrared saunas that allow you to experience the heart-healthy benefits of heat therapy in your home.

Benefits Beyond the Heart

Potential for Preventing Dementia

In addition to cardiovascular benefits, saunas may offer other health benefits, and they have garnered interest as a potential factor in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Using a sauna a few times a week has been linked to a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. While the relationship is not definitively established, several mechanisms suggest how sauna use might contribute to brain health.

The heat stress experienced in saunas can prompt the release of proteins called heat shock proteins. These proteins aid in cellular repair and protect cells from stressors, potentially supporting brain cells' resilience. Improved circulation, a result of the heat's effect on blood vessels, may also play a role.

Improved Mood

The relaxation induced by saunas promotes a sense of calm and tranquility and plays a role in reducing cortisol levels, a stress regulator. Additionally, endorphins, the body's natural "feel-good" chemicals, may be released during sauna sessions due to heat stress. This can lead to a sense of euphoria and improved mood.

Healthy, Glowing Skin

Regular sauna use may also provide advantages for skin health through several mechanisms. The elevated temperature and humidity levels in a sauna environment have the potential to open up pores, facilitating the release of toxins and impurities through sweat. This natural cleansing process can lead to clearer skin and a reduction in blemishes.

The heat from a sauna session induces vasodilation, which enhances blood circulation to the skin. This increased blood flow ensures that skin cells receive an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients, promoting their vitality and overall well-being. The oxygen-rich environment can aid in cellular regeneration and turnover, encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells and the emergence of new, healthier ones - promoting a more even skin tone and a natural, healthy glow.

Immune System Boost

Some evidence suggests sauna bathing may boost the immune system. The dry heat exposure, similar to a low-grade fever, may contribute to increased levels of white blood cells that defend the body against viruses and other pathogens.

Menstrual Cramp Relief

Women may find extra benefits from regular sauna sessions as well. The heat from a sauna can help relax muscles and promote overall relaxation. This muscle relaxation can extend to the uterine muscles, which may help ease the tension and contractions that contribute to menstrual cramps. The improved blood circulation resulting from heat exposure may also play a role in reducing the severity of cramps.

Sauna bathers can potentially improve their mental health as well by contributing to lower stress levels and greater relaxation. The soothing dry heat of an infrared, traditional, or hybrid sauna creates a tranquil environment for calming your body and mind. At Airpuria, our extensive selection of premium indoor and outdoor saunas allows you to personalize your home wellness retreat.

Sauna Tips for Safely Enjoying the Benefits

To safely obtain the many potential wellness advantages, keep these sauna tips in mind:

  • Stay hydrated before, during, and after your sauna session

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, or heavy meals prior to sauna use

  • New sauna users should start with shorter sessions and slowly increase the time as your body adapts

  • Listen to your body and exit the sauna if feeling lightheaded or overheated

  • Consult your healthcare provider before sauna use, especially if you have any health conditions

At Airpuria, our goal is to provide you with the optimal sauna that matches your wellness objectives. Browse the extensive sauna selection on our site and contact us today to get started designing your home spa.

Choosing the Right Medical Breakthrough Sauna for Your Needs

A photograph of Traditional 9 sauna room (a modern verison of traditional finnish saunas) available at

Whether you want a personal escape or a social sanctuary, Medical Breakthrough has created the perfect sauna for every need, and they are all available on our site! Airpuria has a variety of sauna models to choose from, and which one is best for you depends on your space and wellness goals. Let's take a look:

Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Sauna: Optimized Full Body Health

An image of the Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Sauna in a luxury bathroom.

The innovative Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Sauna from Medical Breakthrough provides an immersive sauna experience focused on whole-body wellness. This 2 person sauna is equipped with 9 ultra-powerful full-spectrum infrared heaters to surround you in penetrating waves that aid muscle recovery, pain relief, and deep relaxation.

The medical-grade engineering of the Medical 6 sauna allows it to reach your desired temperature rapidly in just 40 minutes. This fast warm-up gets your blood circulating for a simulated workout effect that boosts endurance and heart health. The sauna’s precision airflow system maintains a stable interior climate for optimal therapeutic benefits.

Designed for comfort, the Medical 6 sauna features ergonomic backrests, chromatic lighting, exterior mood lighting, and speakers to stream your favorite music. The natural hemlock wood construction offers a cleansing wood aroma while the spacious interior and removable bench provide room for yoga poses and stretches.

Sauna enthusiasts will appreciate the innovative features of the Medical 6 that allow for hot/cold contrast therapy and gradual, safe cooldown. This sauna also helps remove toxins with its powerful detox routine.

Handcrafted in the USA with meticulous engineering, the Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum sauna provides the most advanced infrared heat therapy on the market. Its medically-focused design delivers full body cleansing, inside and out. Experience the sauna optimized for health and receive financing options at Airpuria.

Medical 5 Version 2.0: Extra Room for Enhanced Comfort

Photo of the Medical 5 Version 2.0 medical sauna available with free shipping from Airpuria.

Need room for 3 in your sauna? The Medical 5 Version 2.0 Full Spectrum sauna offers all the same medically-focused features as the Medical 6 plus more. This model offers an expansive interior with deep bench seating for the ultimate sauna experience.

The innovative Medical 5 sauna surrounds you plus 2 others with 9 full-spectrum heaters to boost circulation, ease muscle soreness, and promote deep relaxation. The rapid heating system quickly and efficiently warms the spacious sauna to maximize your time soaking in the infrared waves. Once inside, you’ll appreciate the backrests that are included for your comfort. You can sit down and enjoy your favorite audio, wirelessly streamed through the built-in Bluetooth speaker system.

Doctors and engineers collaborated to load the Medical 5 sauna with medically-focused features like high-tech chromatic light therapy, toxin-purging detox routine, and a safe airflow cooldown system. The natural hemlock wood provides a cleansing wood aroma and looks beautiful in any space.

With room for yoga poses and extra room to stretch out, the Medical 5 Version 2.0 sauna adds enhanced comfort to Medical Breakthrough’s precision infrared therapy. Learn more about the Medical 5 sauna and Airpuria's 0% financing for qualified buyers.

Medical 7 Ultra Full Spectrum Sauna: Extra Space for Hot Yoga

Image of the Medical 7 Ultra Full Spectrum Sauna in a customer's bathroom.

For the ultimate at-home wellness experience, the innovative Medical 7 Ultra Full Spectrum Sauna from Medical Breakthrough adds extra interior space and 40-minute preheating for rejuvenating hot yoga flows. With room for up to 3 people, this spacious sauna surrounds you and your friends with 9 advanced full-spectrum heaters to boost health from head to toe.

Designed for optimizing health, this sauna also utilizes Medical Breakthrough’s detox and relaxation-enhancing features. Chromatic lighting, innovative infrared heaters, ergonomic backrests, and speakers create an atmosphere for complete mind/body healing. The natural hemlock wood also offers a refreshing aroma to immerse your senses.

No matter which you choose, every Medical Breakthrough sauna provides an unparalleled blend of medical-grade engineering and luxury comfort. Be sure to consider how much space you have and who you want to share your sauna time with. The Airpuria team can help you find your perfect fit! Contact us today to start designing your own Medical Breakthrough sauna for total mind/body wellness.

Note: All saunas and heaters purchased at Airpuria come with a warranty.

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Sauna Health Benefits FAQ

Do saunas actually have health benefits?
Yes, multiple studies have shown evidence of various benefits linked to regular sauna bathing, such as improved cardiovascular health, reduced inflammation, enhanced relaxation, and faster post-workout muscle recovery. Always check with your doctor before using a sauna, especially if you have any medical conditions.

Is it good to sauna every day?
For most healthy individuals, using a sauna a few times per week is safe and provides health advantages. However, daily sauna bathing is only recommended as long as it is tolerated, as it can dehydrate and cause fatigue or dizziness. Listen to your body and avoid overdoing sauna sessions.

Do saunas detox your body?
Saunas do cause sweating, which is one of the body's natural mechanisms for eliminating waste products. Sweating can help release substances like urea, certain minerals, and trace amounts of toxins. The kidneys and liver also work to filter waste from your body effectively.

How long do you need to be in a sauna for health benefits?
Studies showing health benefits have looked at sauna durations ranging from 10-30 minutes. Aim for around 15-20 minute sauna sessions 1-3 times per week to start. Gradually increase time as your body adapts to the heat.

Is it good to sauna after a workout?
Yes, using a sauna after exercise helps boost circulation to provide oxygen and nutrients to your worked muscles. The increased blood flow aids muscle recovery. Follow your sauna session with a cool shower.

How long should you be in a sauna after a workout?
10-15 minutes in the sauna is sufficient to gain the benefits of increased blood flow without overheating. Be sure to hydrate properly and cool your body temperature down afterward.'

Does Airpuria offer custom saunas?
Yes! Check here and walk through the easy process of customizing your very own sauna. We offer different customizable options for you to choose between. These include the options of Traditional, Infrared, and Hybrid saunas. You can also decide the sauna size, choose between indoor and outdoor, select the type of roof, and more!

How long do you have to stay in a sauna for benefits?
For most people, sauna sessions of 15-20 minutes a few times per week are adequate to obtain health benefits. Increase duration over time as your body gets used to the high heat. Always pay attention to how you feel and adjust accordingly.

At Airpuria, we are proud authorized distributors of a wide selection of saunas to create your oasis of relaxation and wellness. Browse and contact us to learn more about the many potential benefits of sauna bathing.

Contact Us to Learn More About Medical Saunas

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If you're considering purchasing a medical sauna for your home or business, contact the expert Airpuria team. We'll be able to help you select the right one for you:

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Affordable Financing Options

When you're ready to invest in your health and wellness with a sauna from Airpuria, contact the Airpuria team to learn more about our saunas. We also provide the option of completing a financing application to make your purchase more affordable!

For individuals who qualify, Airpuria provides financing with rates as low as 0% interest for up to 18 months. This allows you to experience the benefits of sauna therapy now and spread out payments over time.

Business owners can also apply for tailored financing programs that suit their budgetary needs. Options for businesses include flexible terms from 6 to 84 months, deferred payment plans, and competitive rates.

Explore your financing options by visiting:

The financing experts at these organizations can check your eligibility and find the right plan to fit your financial situation. Investing in a health-focused sauna is more accessible than ever.

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