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The Perfect Home Sauna Buying Guide

 Investing in a home sauna can provide incredible health and wellness benefits. With regular sauna use, you can relieve stress, relax muscles, improve cardiovascular health, remove toxins, and boost overall well-being. However, with different types of saunas to choose from, it's important to select the right one for your needs. This home sauna buying guide covers the key questions we should be asking when choosing an indoor or outdoor sauna for your home.

How Many People Should Your Sauna Fit?

A group of 4 people enjoying their time together inside of a sauna enjoying their sauna session.

One of the most important considerations when buying a home sauna is making sure to get one that fits the number of people who will be using it. You want to make sure everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy the sauna experience. Here are some tips on selecting the right size:

  • For 1 Person – A one-person sauna is great for individuals who will be mainly using the sauna alone as part of their self-care routine. Opt for a compact size with a single bench seat.

  • For a Couple – Select a sauna made for two people so you and your partner can relax together. Having two bench seats allows you to sit facing each other.

  • For a Small Family – For a family of 3-4, look for a sauna sized for 4 people or more. This gives kids and teens space to bring a friend while allowing parents to use it too.

  • For Large Groups – If you want a sauna for gatherings with 5+ people, choose a large 6-8 person size. This allows the entire group to de-stress together after a long day.

  • For Fitness Centers – Get a commercial 8+ person sauna to accommodate members and classes. Go even bigger for up to 9 people so the whole yoga group can wind down.

No matter who will be using your new sauna, be sure to get one properly sized to fit everyone comfortably. Our sauna specialists can help you determine the right capacity sauna for your needs.


What Type of Sauna Are You Looking For?

Image depicting the choice between hybrid, traditional or infrared sauna heaters.

The first decision to make when buying a home sauna is whether you want a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna. Here is an overview of the differences:

Traditional Saunas

Image of a traditional sauna offered by Airpuria.

Traditional saunas, also known as Finnish saunas, use heat from hot rocks to warm the air. An electric sauna heater heats up stones, then as water is poured over the stones, steam is produced to create a hot, humid environment. The temperature in a traditional sauna typically ranges from 150 to 185°F.

Benefits of traditional saunas include:

  • The ability to control temperature and humidity levels by pouring different amounts of water over the rocks

  • Provides a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience

  • Offers high heat therapy known to provide health benefits

At Airpuria, our traditional saunas use advanced electric carbon heaters to deliver consistent, clean heat without the hassle of wood-burning stoves.

Infrared Saunas

Image of an infrared sauna offering the benefits of infrared heat from Airpuria.

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to produce infrared waves that are absorbed by the body, heating you from the inside out. The temperatures are lower than traditional saunas, usually ranging from 100 to 150°F.

Benefits of infrared saunas include:

  • Lower operating costs since less energy is required to heat the sauna

  • Reach therapeutic temperatures faster than traditional saunas

  • Provide targeted relief by penetrating deep into joints and tissues

  • Emit no harmful EMFs thanks to advanced low EMF/ELF infrared heater technology

Airpuria offers premium low EMF/ELF infrared saunas made with quality Canadian Hemlock wood for a soothing sauna experience.

Hybrid Saunas

Image of a hybrid sauna offered by Airpuria.

For the best of both worlds, hybrid saunas combine traditional and infrared heating technologies in one sauna. This allows you to experience intense dry heat as well as gentler infrared warmth.

At Airpuria, our hybrid saunas feature traditional heaters paired with our exclusive infrared heating system to provide total comfort and maximum health benefits.

Select your preferred sauna type:


Do You Want an Indoor or Outdoor Sauna?

Side by side comparison of an indoor sauna vs. an outdoor sauna for your indoor or outdoor space.

The next choice is whether you want an indoor or outdoor sauna. At Airpuria, we offer premium indoor and outdoor saunas to suit any preference. Here are some factors to help decide:

Considerations for Indoor vs. Outdoor

Indoor Sauna Benefits:

  • More privacy

  • Protected from weather

  • Easier to access year-round

  • Keeps backyard free for other uses

  • Safer for small children

Outdoor Sauna Benefits:

  • Brings the tranquility of nature into your sauna experience

  • Frees up indoor space

  • Ambient ventilation and fresh air

  • Inviting focal point for your backyard

  • Fun sauna parties and gatherings

Indoor or Outdoor Sauna?

Decide whether you want your new sauna located inside or outside your home based on space, privacy, aesthetics, and how you plan to use it. An indoor sauna offers year-round convenience and protection from the elements while an outdoor sauna immerses you in nature.

Select indoor or outdoor:


For versatile installation, consider a custom sauna sized to fit your existing closet space or craft room. Our sauna specialists can help create the perfect custom sauna design for your indoor or outdoor setting.

Selecting an Outdoor Sauna Style

If you choose an outdoor sauna, the next step is picking a style. At Airpuria, our outdoor saunas are crafted from quality weather-resistant wood and available in these popular styles:

Slope Roof

Image of a slope roof for a sauna.

Slope roof saunas feature an angled roofline that adds stylistic interest to your backyard. The sloped shape also makes snow slide off easily in winter.

Peak Roof

Image of a peak roof for a sauna.

Peak roof saunas have a triangular roof shape resembling a small cabin or cottage. The charming peak roof gives a quaint, countryside look.

Barrel Sauna

Image of a Barrel sauna, from Dundalk Leisurecraft, offered by Airpuria.

Barrel saunas are rounded with a tunnel-like design. Their curved shape provides a unique look and spacious feel. Barrel saunas are extremely durable and hold heat well.

If you want an outdoor sauna, would you like a slope roof, peak roof, or barrel sauna?

Select your preferred outdoor sauna style:


The shape and roof design of your new outdoor sauna should match your backyard environment. A barrel sauna is ideal for a rustic, natural landscape while a peak roof sauna complements traditional homes. For contemporary spaces, a slope roof adds modern flair.

Whatever your style, an Airpuria outdoor sauna crafted from resilient woods like Western red cedar or Nordic spruce will enhance your backyard and become a wellness sanctuary for years to come.

Customizing the Glass vs. Wood Ratio

The mixture of glass and wood you choose impacts the look, feel, and privacy of your sauna. Consider these options:

All Glass

An all-glass sauna provides a contemporary, minimalist look with maximum views and an open feel. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls make the sauna seamlessly blend into your surroundings.

Glass & Wood

Combining glass walls with wood accents gives you both transparency and privacy. The wood adds warmth while the glass allows you to still enjoy views from the sauna.

Mainly Wood

Primarily wood construction offers a traditional, enclosed sauna experience. Hardwood lining the interior provides soothing warmth with small glass accents to allow in natural light.

Would you like your sauna to have more glass or more wood?

Decide on the right mix of glass walls vs. wood construction for your needs:


An all-glass sauna provides an open, airy interior while mainly wood lends a cozy, sheltered feel. At Airpuria, we use premium safety glass along with your choice of quality wood types like Western red cedar, hemlock, or Nordic spruce. Choose the ideal ratio of glass to wood for the sauna design you envision.

Providing Price Range and Size Parameters

To match you with the perfect sauna option, please provide:

Price Range

Enter your budget or price range for your new sauna:


We offer saunas to fit every budget. Share your ideal price point and we'll recommend affordable options that match.

Size of Space for Sauna (sq. ft.)

Specify the dimensions of the area where you plan to install the sauna:


Providing the exact size of your available sauna space allows us to recommend the appropriately sized sauna model to perfectly fit the area. We can also explore custom sauna sizes tailored to your unique space.

Interested in a Custom Sauna?

For a sauna that meets your exact specifications, consider having us custom-build your sauna.

Would you be interested in a custom sauna?

Let us know if you would like pricing and details on a fully custom sauna design just for you:


A custom sauna allows you to select special features and customize each detail - size, layout, wood type, accessories, and more. Our sauna design experts can make your dream sauna a reality.

Get Personalized Recommendations

Image of a person getting personalized recommendations and buying a sauna from Airpuria.

Now that you've completed the sauna questionnaire, it's time to find your ideal sauna match!

Submit your sauna questionnaire and our team will follow up shortly with recommendations and available discounts on the perfect sauna for your needs and budget. Let us guide you to the health, relaxation, and beauty a new home sauna provides.

To take the first step towards your new sauna today, contact us at:

Phone: 773.337.8822
Email: sales@airpuria.com

We look forward to helping you discover the perfect sauna for your home wellness retreat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main health benefits of using a sauna?

Regular sauna use provides many science-backed health benefits. These include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health and circulation

  • Reduced inflammation and relief of muscle and joint pain

  • Removal of toxins through induced sweating

  • Enhanced immune system function

  • Decreased stress levels and improved relaxation

The combination of heat therapy, circulation boost, and detoxification make saunas excellent for overall well-being.

How often should you use a sauna for maximum benefits?

For optimal results, aim to use your infrared or traditional sauna 2-3 times per week for 10-20 minutes per session. Frequency is key to gaining the full benefits, so regular sauna sessions are ideal. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after use.

What precautions should you take when using a sauna?

Stay safe in your home sauna by following these precautions:

  • Remain hydrated before, during, and after use

  • Start with shorter sessions at lower temps and gradually increase over time

  • Avoid alcohol before sauna use

  • Check with your doctor if you have any health conditions

  • Closely supervise children at all times

  • Never sleep inside the sauna when it's on

How much do home saunas cost?

Sauna prices vary based on size, design, construction materials, heating technology, and additional features. Budget-friendly options start around $2,000 while high-end luxury saunas with custom designs can cost over $10,000. At Airpuria, we offer saunas across all price points to meet your needs and budget. Click here to find out more: https://airpuria.com/collections/saunas

Should I choose an indoor or outdoor sauna?

Consider your climate, available space, and how you plan to use the sauna. Indoor saunas provide year-round access with maximum privacy. Outdoor saunas let you relax surrounded by fresh air and nature. You can also get quotes for both so you can compare costs. Our sauna specialists are happy to help you decide.

Do you offer financing options for sauna purchases?

Yes, we provide financing options for qualified buyers to help make your sauna purchase more affordable. Our financing partners offer competitive rates and flexible terms. Depending on credit approval, 0% interest financing is available for up to 18 months. Learn more about our financing options here.

How long does it take for a sauna to heat up?

Traditional saunas generally take 30-45 minutes to reach optimal temperature. The rocks need time to thoroughly heat up to maintain the proper moisture level when water is poured over them.

Infrared saunas heat up more quickly, usually around 10-15 minutes, since they raise the temperature of your body directly rather than heating the entire space.

What temperature should you set a sauna to?

A traditional sauna is typically set between 150-185°F. Infrared saunas don't need as much heat to be effective, so the optimal temperature is about 120-130°F. Start low and work your way up to find your comfort zone. The goal is to induce light sweating without overheating.

How much electricity does a home sauna use?

Saunas require up to 220-volt outlets. Energy costs vary by sauna size, frequency/duration of use, and if you have an infrared or traditional sauna. For example, a 4-person traditional sauna costs $0.75-$1 per hour used. A 2-person infrared sauna may use only $0.30-$0.50 per hour. Using an outdoor sauna can also conserve indoor heating/cooling costs.

See Our Sauna Sizes: 1-9

Ready to discuss your new sauna? Reach out today!

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Our sauna experts are here to guide you to the perfect wellness-boosting sauna for your home. Contact us now to get started!

Affordable Financing Options for Your New Sauna

Purchasing a sauna is an investment in your health and well-being that will pay dividends for years to come. That's why Airpuria offers flexible financing solutions to help make your sauna more affordable.

For qualified buyers, we provide:

  • 0% APR financing for up to 18 months, allowing you to pay off your sauna over time interest-free

  • Extended-term financing up to 84 months with competitive rates

  • Special financing programs for military members and first responders

  • Business financing options for gyms, spas, and other wellness facilities

  • Easy online applications and fast approvals

To learn more and apply for sauna financing, visit:

Financing for Individuals ↗

Financing for Businesses ↗

Investing in a sauna is an investment in your health. With our financing solutions, you can experience the benefits of sauna therapy on your own terms and budget. Contact us today to explore your options!

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