Best Industrial Air Purifier - FILTR Revolution RX

Best Industrial Air Purifier - FILTR Revolution RX

Improve the indoor air in your business or grow center! 

Made by Experts in the Field of Contamination Control

Revolution is an industrial grade air purifier made with technology to bring cleanroom air into any environment.

A cleanroom is a room that is required to meet a specific range of low to zero number of particles in order to manufacture goods that are essential for our every day lives.

Revolution is your first step to detect and protect your environment with confidence.


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  • Top industrial air purifier for businesses. 
  • Best air purification system for grow centers and marijuana cultivation centers.
  • Cleanroom Grade HEPA filter
  • Total System Efficiency of 99.995%
  • Removal Efficiency of 99.78% down to 0.023 micron
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Removes odors and volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.)
  • Mitigates airborne and surface particles
  • Produces no ozone
  • Gathers lighter particles into clusters to make them heavier to make a second pass through the filter
  • Is the perfect addition to your room reset or Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.)


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