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LS Pro Systems 3 Port Controller - LS Innovation Deep Light Therapy
LS Pro Systems 3 Port Controller - LS Innovation Deep Light Therapy

LS Pro Systems

LS Pro Systems 3 Port Controller - LS Innovation Deep Light Therapy

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This classic designed 3 port controller is light weight and easy for travel, delivering up to 1,500 super healing  LED lights across any 3 LS flexi pads for an all round healing and repair experience.


  • LED power supply for 3 pads
  • Powers any 3 LS PRO Flexi Light Pads
  • 10 Pre-programmed Health, Relaxation & Anti-Aging Modes
  • 20-minute auto session switch off

    Accelerated Recovery, Enhanced Performance

    Improve your Health and Fitness Every Day



    From the USA to the heart of Europe and Asia LS products are manufactured to our rigorous standards of safety and quality, used by health and sports professionals as well as Health at Home in over 20 countries worldwide.

    Intended Use of LS Pro Light Systems

    Used by healthcare professionals for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm; the temporary increase in local blood circulation; and/or the temporary relaxation of muscle.

    Flexi-pad technology

    LED light diodes embedded within flexible pads with velcro straps to provide a therapeutic and targeted delivery to the affected areas. Pads come in various sizes and shapes to help customize a ‘perfect fit’.

    ***Note, all Flexi-pads need to be powered by an LS Pro Controller


    User Manual

    Main Brochure

    Silicone Pads

    Simplified Frequency Guide

    Targeted Hyperbarics



    Understanding LS innovation is understanding how your body works

    Injury, pain, illness puts our body on a budget, using a huge amount of the bodies available resources. We get tired and lose energy. That starts the downward trend.

    There are around 70 billion cells in the human body, the integrity of these cells has an enormous impact on our daily lives. The cell’s powerhouse is called the mitochondria which produces ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the bodies currency for ENERGY.

    Without Energy our Body’s Stop Functioning, Repairing and Regenerating!

    By administering the combination of of red and Infrared wavelengths of light, we are able to energise localized tissue from skin and nerves to deeper tendons, muscle and bone, in turn triggering  the repair and healing process.


    Light Therapy and Energy – The LS Connection!

    The more energy the body has available to spend, the faster it gets out of budget and into repair, accelerating the rate of recovery as well as optimal function and performance.

    This is where LS Light Technology comes into play, studies show that near infrared light therapy stimulates the production of ATP in the body, LS innovation has combined both Red and Infrared Light together in its flexi pads.

    This video shows the vital role that light plays in triggering the release of ATP (ENERGY) supporting Accelerated Recovery and Enhanced Performance.

    The release of Nitric Oxide

    Another important benefit of LED red light therapy is the triggered release of Nitric Oxide, the body’s natural vasodilator, studies confirm that this enhanced blood flow brings extra oxygen to a localized area, facilitating healing and recovery of damaged tissue.

    The application of LED light therapy ahead of any sport or activity has demonstrated the effect of enhanced tissue performance.

    This video demonstrated the bodies triggering of Nitric Oxide though the application of light.


    How light works

    LED light therapy is a process by which energy is delivered to various parts of the body via light emitting diodes (LEDs) and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic and healing benefits. The various energy wavelengths penetrate the skin to different depths and provide the energy cells need to activate increased circulation, healing and repair.

    The three most recognized and researched light wavelengths are Red, Infrared and Blue Light, these are the 3 wavelengths combined and used in the LS ProSystem.


    Ongoing studies over 50 years

    Modern medicine, despite all its progress, often remains powerless against the stressors, injuries and health challenges created by our modern 21st Century lifestyle.  Research has shown the benefits of using Light Therapy for accelerated cellular repair, relaxation and enhanced muscle performance at both the physical and mental levels for over 50 years.

    LS leading edge technology works with the Red, Infrared and Blue light, the most researched wavelengths for therapeutic benefits.

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