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5 Reasons Server Robots Are Taking Over The Restaurant Industry!

It’s no secret that many restaurants are understaffed these days. So, it’s no surprise that restaurant owners have been looking for solutions to make their jobs easier and more efficient. One of these solutions involves robots that can perform certain tasks or even entire duties on their own. The benefits of server robots are numerous, and it’s no surprise so many restaurants are choosing to invest in them. Read on to learn more!

What's a Robot Waiter?

Image of bear robot servers that can act as waiters in a restaurant.

Restaurant servers have been around for quite some time. However, in the last few years, technology has brought about a new kind of restaurant server - the Servi robot waiter. They're also called robotic servers and they're getting more and more popular by the day. Bear Robotics has become popular recently for making the best server robots. They have two models suitable for use in restaurants; Servi and Servi mini. These robots are not only reliable but also affordable to run and maintain.

Are Robot Servers Expected to Replace Human Waiters?

Robot serving food - will they replace human waiters?

No, robot servers are not expected to replace human waiters in the foreseeable future. One of the most important parts of a restaurant is the experience that it provides for its guests. Some people enjoy interacting with other humans when they go to restaurants, and robots are not likely to be able to provide that same experience. 

Robots are also not capable of things like paying attention to cues from customers. Another consideration is that a lot of people don't want their food prepared by an automated system; they want it made by someone who has been trained in culinary arts and understands how different ingredients interact with each other. Servi should be considered as more of an assisting element rather than a total replacement!

5 Reasons Server Robots are Taking Over the Restaurant Industry

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Server robots have started to make a mark on the food service industry, with many predicting that they will be seen in most restaurants across the United States in only a few years!

Here are reasons why server robots could take over the restaurant industry:

1. Server Robots Are Not Expected to Eliminate Humans

Don't be alarmed, robot servers aren't going to replace humans any time soon. They're not that advanced yet. Currently, they do things like deliver food (or transport food) to your table. They can also take dishes back to the kitchen, saving time for your servers to do other tasks.

2. Server Robots Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

Robots provide a customer experience that is unparalleled. They are also a novelty to behold. Imagine you are sitting and enjoying your dinner and you see a friendly robot arrive with all of your food! People around the world are coming to have this new experience. That will free up staff to engage with other restaurant activities.

Gone are the days of having to wait in line at the counter when there are empty tables around. Plus, they’re more efficient and don’t get tired as humans do!  Server robots are there to help support customer needs. Humans love their food served quickly. And robots meet that need effectively.

3. Server Robots Can Help During Staff Crisis

Robots have been used in other industries to help with any labor shortage, so why not restaurants? The restaurant industry is one of the toughest and most intensive to maintain. It has grown exponentially over the past few decades and is expected to continue growing.

With this increase in demand, staffing shortages are becoming a common occurrence. These shortages can be devastating for both the employees who want to work and the businesses that need them.

When it comes to servers, most businesses are looking for high school and college students who would prefer working one or two nights a week at peak times instead of a steady five days each week. 

In addition, many younger workers don’t want to stay in one place for too long and like to work different shifts around their classes. They often have other responsibilities that come before their shift such as class projects, papers, and exams they need to finish. This can cause them to either give up working or try to find an alternative work schedule. That is why server robots are not only valuable but also necessary for business growth and sustainability.

With the rise of companies like McDonald's and Starbucks, many restaurants have been facing a staffing crisis. The number of job openings far exceeds the number of applicants, which means businesses are struggling to find new employees. With automation in the restaurant industry on the rise, it's possible that server robots could be an answer to this problem.

4. Server Robots are Easy to Customize Depending on Needs

Customizable features make the robot a good fit for any type of restaurant. The robot can be tailored to suit the needs of customers. For example, it can provide different languages and can accommodate a wide range of patrons without inconveniencing the waitstaff. 

5. Server Robots Help to Lower or Supplement Labor Costs

One of the major reasons server robots are taking over the restaurant industry is because they help lower operational costs. Staffing a restaurant can be a costly endeavor and employing robots can reduce these expenses, freeing up capital for other areas of the business. 

Additionally, as more people choose to eat out as opposed to eating at home, restaurants are being forced to compete with each other by offering better service and faster food delivery in order to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market. This means that staff will likely be stretched thin, which can lead to slower customer service. As a result, customers might leave unhappy and may not return - something that no small business wants! 

By using robots instead of humans, restaurants can keep their human staff focused on providing quality customer service while also ensuring accurate orders. They’re perfect for high-volume restaurants: With peak hours coming into full swing, it becomes difficult to maintain consistency throughout the entire day. If you’ve ever waited for 15 minutes for your favorite table only to find it taken, or felt rushed through your meal when there were just too many people around then you know what we mean!

Ways Restaurant Robotics Can Bolster Your Business

Image showing how to use a server robot waiter from bear robotics.

Robotics is becoming more and more prevalent in the restaurant business, providing customers with an even better experience from the moment they walk into the moment they leave. These innovative solutions can make your dining experience more efficient, save you time and money, help you boost your sales, and ultimately help you stay competitive in the marketplace. Here are ways a robot server can bolster your business!

Automating the Busy Work

Restaurant robotics can automate busy work, freeing up restaurant owners and employees to do what they do best. For example, Servi robots could help serve food, and bussing. In this way, robots could help diners have an easier time finding a seat while waiting for their meal to be ready.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Restaurant robotics is a relatively new concept, but it offers a number of benefits that can help you boost your business. One of the main reasons customers visit restaurants is to experience something unique and different than what they can find at home. 

In this regard, restaurant robotics provides an opportunity to offer diners an experience that will keep them coming back for more. Plus, with the ability to provide customized dining room experiences for every customer, you'll be able to meet their needs and exceed expectations every time.

Freeing Up Staff for More Important Tasks

Robots can do the work of humans in many industries, and restaurants are no exception. Robots free up staff for more important tasks like waiters. They also take care of some menial tasks such as transporting food to customers and collecting dirty plates and more. In addition, with robots doing these jobs, many restaurant owners have to spend less on labor costs which are especially helpful when they experience an increase in business volume. Finally, some studies have shown that customers actually enjoy interacting with restaurant robots.

Safer Work Environments

Restaurant robotics can create safer work environments for employees and reduce accidents from occurring. Robots don't get injured or sick, and they never suffer from fatigue. This is great news for employers who are looking to help their staff by adding server robots to their arsenal.

Increasing Efficiency

There are specific tasks that robots can do to make a restaurant more efficient and make employees' jobs easier. For example, a robot can transport dishes from the table back to the kitchen while someone else is able to clean the table, quickly getting that table ready for the next guest.

Expert Advice: Customizing Server Robots for Your Restaurant

When implementing server robots in your restaurant, it's essential to customize them to suit your specific needs and preferences. This includes selecting the appropriate model, such as the Servi or Servi mini from Bear Robotics, and tailoring the robot's features to accommodate your customers' needs. For example, you can program the robot to provide different languages or even adjust its appearance to match your restaurant's theme. By customizing your server robot, you can ensure a seamless integration into your restaurant's operations and enhance the overall dining experience for your customers.

Airpuria's Conclusion | Servi For Restaurant Owners

Robot waiters waiting to serve customers in a restaurant.

The restaurant industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. Considering that robots are growing at an even higher rate, it is no surprise that they may soon be taking over restaurants. With new technology and software constantly being developed, these robots can operate 24/7 and provide exceptional customer service.

To get started, visit our website and apply for the Service Robot of your choice. After leasing your desired unit, Bear Robotics' team of experts will provide on-site integration and optimization services. This includes mapping Servi to your restaurant, training your staff on how to use it, and configuring it to best meet your business goals!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us through the following channels:

You can either give us a call (773) 337-8822,

Or, create an inquiry with us
via email.

We're looking forward to speaking with you!

FAQ: Reasons Server Robots Are Taking Over The Restaurant Industry

Image showing why human employees are operating robot waiters for drinks.

Robot restaurant servers are still new, and most people don’t understand how they work or how they can benefit the restaurant industry at large. With all the hype about these futuristic devices, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction and know what to expect from these robots. Here are answers to several frequently asked questions about robot restaurant servers so you can decide if you’re ready to lease your very own Servi robots from Airpuria.

What are robot restaurant servers?

Robots are making their way into restaurants, but what exactly do they do? Servi service robots work best for transporting food from one place to another. A home base for your units can be set, ensuring that they will always return to the same place after their tasks are done.

How much do Servi robots cost?

Here are the leasing options for Servi service robots from Airpuria:

  • 12-Month Lease: $850 per month.

  • 24-Month Lease: $800 per month.

  • 36-Month Lease: $750 per month.

Once you get the model you want (Servi or Servi mini - each a version of the best robot waiter), the team from Bear robotics will come and assemble it in your restaurant.

Are there restaurants with robot waiters?

Yes, there are restaurants with robot waiters and they're mainly in the United States and Asia. Robot waiters can take orders from multiple customers simultaneously and serve food to the tables. Plus, they can work 24/7 without getting tired or complaining. As a result of this service, human employees at the restaurant will be able to focus more on customer service and less on serving food like refilling drinks or clearing dirty dishes.

What are the benefits of using server robots?

One of the biggest benefits of using robot servers is that they do not take breaks, which means a restaurant owner can supplement labor costs. Robots also provide consistency in service and ensure that guests are always served at their desired temperature. Other potential benefits include improved guest experience because robots can serve them faster and more efficiently while creating a better work environment for humans.

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